Investment to Reclaim Your Health

Our program has specific guideline requirements to become a patient. If your case qualifies, we provide you with two options, our BEST recommendation and a second GOOD option. Our BEST recommendation is the most thorough option available at uncovering hidden past causes and providing future health direction based on your consultation, examination results, diagnostic tests, records review, biomedicine questionnaire, and health history forms. Each plan is customized and based on your unique requirements in our personalized biomedicine plans.  Although we do not guarantee results, we expect results for every patient in our office.
*Insurance may cover some of the costs.

Our Process

Step 1: Free consultation that allows the doctor to listen and understand your case and your suffering. The doctor will then make a decision whether or not to move on to Step 2.
Step 2: Diagnostic Testing and Examination ($199.00).
Step 3: Report of Findings is when the doctor determines whether or not you qualify for care and determines which plan is the best fit for your personalized care.

Our Plans

Platinum Neuro-Biomedicine $15,000 – $23,000 +/- Profound Case
Gold Neuro-Biomedicine $7,500 – $14,999 +/- Extremely Severe Case
Silver Biomedicine Only $8,695 Severe Case
Bronze Biomedicine Only $5,295 Moderate Case

*Insurance may cover some of the costs.