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General/Fatigue Testimonial for Dr. James Farley, DC, MS, BA ,BS, BCIM, FAAIM

Hello Amy, Hi how are you? Good Thank you for taking time to give us the testimonial here at MFC Center for Health. First question I like to ask is What How did you find us what brought you to the office to begin with. I was feeling very very ill one night. [...]

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Hashimoto’s/Hyperthyroid Testimonial for Dr. James Farley, DC, MS, BA ,BS, BCIM, FAAIM

Hello Kimberly, Hi. Thanks for taking the time again to still with us and give us the testimonials and thoughts about your care here at the office first of all I like to ask how did you how did you find out about us and what brought you to the office in the [...]

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Diet Tips for Patients with Graves’ disease

Graves’ disease is a very common autoimmune disease affecting the thyroid gland, resulting in a hyper function of this gland. Hyper function is affected with a lot of symptoms that can interfere with normal daily life, as well as threaten the overall health of patients. Some of these symptoms include the following: Constant irritability and [...]

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Symptoms, Risk Factors and Causes of Graves’ disease

Autoimmune diseases are affecting more and more people, resulting in a population that is prone to having multiple diseases which do not have a definitive treatment. Autoimmune diseases are the type of diseases where the immune system produces its own antibodies against molecules that are part of the same body structure. Therefore, the immune system [...]

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Depression/Hormone Imbalance/Fatigue Testimonial for Dr. James Farley, DC, MS, BA ,BS, BCIM, FAAIM

Okay Hi Elizabeth so I appreciate that you're going to spend a few minutes to give us your experience in the office here and your testimonial so first thing I like to ask people is you know when you came here were you at all skeptical Slightly open-minded because everything else doesn't have [...]

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Anxiety/Depression Testimonial for Dr. James Farley, DC, MS, BA ,BS, BCIM, FAAIM

Ok. All right Danny so Thank you actually for taking time to help us out with the testimonial today just ask you a couple of questions. What How did you find the office to begin with. My wife actually found that online. And what you searched for what was the trouble that you [...]

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