Parkinson’s Testimonial for Dr. James Farley

Parkinson’s Testimonial for Dr. James Farley

Ok, Good Morning Vincent.

Good Morning doc.

Thank you for taking time to give us a little rundown of how you found us and a bit of a testimonial hopefully, Ok let me just ask you first of all how did you find the office in the first place How did you locate us

Well we were looking to the Internet and I saw the name James Farley Dr. James Farley. I decided to get him on call and find out what he can do for me.

Ok. What is the problem that you had that led you to come to the office in first place

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

  1. How long ago was that diagnosis with

Initially I was diagnosed May 2010

May 2010 it’s 2018 right now.


I believe, Ok. And have you tried a number. Any number of different treatments at all.

I was just getting medicated.

  1. Was that helpful from what you getting

No, progressively got worst

I see I see Ok

Because I was more doped up using pharmaceuticals

I see

So, that last summer August the week before Labor Day that’s when I was at my worst

I see

I couldn’t eat I couldn’t sleep, I mean I was just really detroitating

I see

Didn’t eat for three days. Couldn’t didn’t have an appetite.

That’s when my friend Tommy started looking through the Internet to see if he get any relief different approach possibly then to just taken the meds.


So place a call and the secretary ask I recognize her voice she made an appointment for me to come in.

I see

That was late November late November 2017 2017

That’s March 2018 right now.

And you’ve been under care for a little while now. Right. Yeah, What what what changes have you noticed in yourself in your in progressing your energy your mobility and some of the symptoms that you were having.

Now I find I’m regaining some use of my hand my hand became like claw I couldn’t fix them. I didn’t have the dexterity to touch. And that’s how it was You know once you loose the dexterity is the one way street you never regained. This is I’ve been coming here I regained the usage. I can I can use both hands in the shower. Prior to this was very difficult I had to even get my wife to assist me in taking a shower I see, I have self regained that type of dexterity and use of my hand like the Doc Doc here said my hands were becoming like claws.

That’s you already said,

Yeah because I couldn’t I couldn’t do anything with them.

I see and well that’s that’s usually important isn’t it.

I mean that’s absolutely absolutely

And what were some of the other things how about your sense of hope for your future and your continued progress I mean How was it. How was it affected your spirit your.

I mean I’m traveling 15 to 17 miles to come down here every twice a week.

Yeah yeah

I have hope. The hope is very essential. Absolutely. Because if you know if you feel that you have no hope. You’re gonna give up mentally physiologically

That’s right. That’s right. That’s one of the things that we we recognize you know just in ourselves in regardless of a person’s health condition.

You know it’s so important to maintain that access optimism and hope.

I saw this I saw something on the internet about warf rats no region warf rats. They collected about 10 warf rats and put them put each one in a barrel with water. That’s enough water to keep them close enough to jump out and do a lot of scrambling in the water to hold and hold them down to make sure that they don’t get out. And what happened after 16 minutes the warf raft gave up and drown then they did the same experiment again this time after 16 minutes after 15 minutes they took the rats out of the water put them in a cage dried them off make them feel warm fed them kept them out of the water for about a week.

After that they decided to put them back in the barrel and do the same tests for them now what’s happening all those warf rats lasted thirty six hours because they had hope that somebody the man in the white coat in a lab was gonna come and save them.

I see Interesting

So from 16 minutes to 36 hours that was the difference 16 minutes to 36 hours.

That’s amazing.

And that’s the hope is that if we I mean is this if you can do with to animal that are normal without thinking brains just instinctively just trying because this glimmer of hope in them that’s right there what for us to do as a human being.

Well that’s that’s an excellent point. You know in the sense of how we heal and how our brain works. We know a lot but it’s still there still so much to be learned. But the one thing that is important that’s exemplified by that story shared is how important it is to maintain that sense of optimism and hope.

To keep looking as you did for some answers for yourself other than just kind of applying along with the medication that’s to what time tends to accelerate the downward spiral

Every time I accelerated it just causes. I mean it’s a dead end come to break wall

That’s right sooner or later.

Exactly. So let me just see what I have here. We covered that your outlook So your outlook on your current health and the health in the future. How has that changed since you started here at MFC Center for Health.

Well I feel like I’m regaining my touch. I’m feeling like feeling myself more easier Yeah yeah I mean I still had some Parkinson’s shaking but that’s not from the Parkinson’s that’s from the medication side effects of the medication.

Yeah so, have you have you done anything to the amount of medication that you are taking. Have you less that amount

I was taking three pills per day. Now I’m down to one a day. OK. Because my brain is somewhat producing confident. So when I get the correct percentage I’m confident that I can probably get away from their synthetic poppadoms but It is a matter of fact falling on a diet eating smart.

Right how have you found that to be the dietary recommendations of food recommendations that we that we have created

Listen as created of habit You know the food that we love.

That’s correct. That’s right.

I mean if I go stand in the pizza in a pizza parlor I’m I’m drinking a shake. What’s it like to pizza. I mean you know that’s a big difference right there. Yeah. So it’s a matter staying away from that type of stuff.

Exactly exactly though a lot of the temptations to anything by keeping the blood sugar balance so that helps them fight those symptoms significantly.

Yes yes

And finally Vincent thank you for taking the time. It’s been a pleasure having you with us and looking forward to continued progress would you recommend folks to our office.

Oh without a doubt without a doubt it’s very good from the same condition or even something worst Like I mean my sister who lives in Orlando. She has been diagnosed with cancer bone

I see.

I’m telling her that she needs to change her diet too. That’s right. So you know she’s listening and she went through chemo.

But you know I don’t know she is listening to me or whether she just Aha aha

All right.

Giving you lip service giving me a lip service but I told her it’s in her benefit.

Broke it down to her and I think she feels the similar as I feel because when I was a child in Jamaica as a kid we never had any problem I mean I was never sick I never had a mums never had a meals never has a chicken pox and never had these deseases

Because I get my mother kept us out of those situations. But the diet that we had is more fresh fresh foods and fruit and vegetables. And I think that’s part of regiment

That’s that’s right You know it’s it’s everything here is about not treating any specific disease per se it is about helping to improve your physiology the way they work and optimize that is help to optimize as best you can.

And the slogan here creating heal ability

creating heal ability.

That’s right.

That makes so much sense

It does Yes, Well.

So thank you so much for taking the time to help us with this testimonial absolutely and we wish you all the best for your continued progress.

Absolutely, Ok Thank you Doc

Thank you.

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