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30 04, 2019

Benefits Of Physical Exercise For Brain

2019-09-19T17:33:39-04:00 April 30th, 2019|Articles, Videos|

The nervous system is a major player in your health mentally, emotionally and physically and to achieve this you have to ensure you have a balanced cerebellum, receptors in the skin, muscle and joints send messages to the brain on a sub-conscious basis. 3 types of stress that throw the nervous system off are physical, [...]

24 04, 2019

Brain Based Care

2019-08-26T14:02:53-04:00 April 24th, 2019|Articles, Videos|

This video provides a deeper explanation about brain-based care and how the nervous system is a major player in mental and physical health. It gives information about the cerebellum, three types of stresses it can experience, and how the brain-based care treatment is done by activation of receptors. Brain-based care is important for the treatment [...]

16 04, 2019

Chronic Joint Pain

2019-09-19T17:26:12-04:00 April 16th, 2019|Chronic Pain and Fatigue, Videos|

Chronic pain in the joints is directly linked to the brain as the brain runs the muscles, when one side is weaker than the other, this creates a muscle imbalance and irritation eventually forms which causes the pain. The neuro muscle skeletal system needs to be looked at and sustained inflammation before a proper treatment [...]

10 04, 2019

Thyroid Metabolism

2019-09-19T17:26:10-04:00 April 10th, 2019|Thyroid, Videos|

The thyroid is the key area to look at in the body as it is the master hormone of the entire body, if your thyroid is not working properly what needs to be done is diagnostic testing and proper blood work to determine what functional problems are occurring so that a proper treatment plan can [...]

10 04, 2019

Important information about Brain, Hormones and Neurotransmitters and issues related to Brain

2019-09-19T16:25:31-04:00 April 10th, 2019|Anxiety/Depression/Bi-Polar, Videos|

The brain, gut and microbiome are closely connected, the microbiome is made up of bacteria and can influence immune function, your hormones, metabolic rate etc, the brain releases hormones which will immediately change the bacteria in your gut to impact on your behavior, mood, attention, movement and everything else.