Ok. All right Danny so Thank you actually for taking time to help us out with the testimonial today just ask you a couple of questions. What How did you find the office to begin with.

My wife actually found that online.

And what you searched for what was the trouble that you were having that that lead to our office.

Mostly for anxiety.

That’s been something that’s been something that trouble you for some time yeah or part of your life

Yeah yeah for quite for few years.

And what type of help have you got gotten prior to coming to our office here

Into doctors and they prescribing medications which I didn’t want to take.

Other than that that’s that’s been the only thing

Okay what was the experience you had with the meds Did you find them to be helpful at all or what was your history with them.

As far as lifting the mood at times would help Yeah but as far as anxiety anxiety was always there okay that maybe a little less than usual. But there were a lot of ups and downs as far as you know with the mood swings you be feeling that high you know on a high side one day and then on the low side a couple of hours later or the next day it was always an up and down. Definitely didn’t feel that way before I went on. So it was all over the place.

I see and so you came and you came to us. How long you’ve been under care with us now

for about five weeks

Five weeks okay and what are some of the positive changes some of the positive benefits that you think derive since then yeah

I would say more focus less anxiety mood uplifted and better sleep okay definitely better sleep.

so that’s good and what about with work with work on and off.

I have been able to work. You know then there’s days where it’s not that great but it’s better than before but I’m still able to do things a lot more than I did before. Before I wasn’t able to do anything with that

I see and so your experience here. What are some of the positive things that you could experience with Dr. Farley with the staff work or and what not they aren’t to be positive they are not positive sure that as well.

I mean definitely all positive to me because I have all the therapy that I’ve done here has been helpful in giving me energy and in giving me a sustained energy not just that one day and then after that you know I go back to the same thing I noticed I’ve been noticing that I have been getting progressively better since the beginning from when I first started here. And it’s has gotten a lot better and it has been sustaining good energy, better sleep better mood and again my anxiety is been a lot better.

That’s great. How have you found following the kind of regimen that we outlined here is a bit difficult for you as we need you to do including the food

That food part has been difficult. Everything else hasn’t been a problem at all.

It’s just the food part because I’m not that creative with making foods or anything like that and especially now today knowing that the things I can eat can’t eat. It’s probably gonna make a little tougher but I have to adjust in order to stay healthy like I’ve been getting getting better since day one. Yeah. So I wanted to maintain that. It’s it’s a lot of work on the food side. But I know it’s something I have to do if I want to keep getting better and staying there.

Right. Right. Yeah it is. As you just we just went through some of the blood work that drives those decisions and so it is we think a science based approach here just hit or miss things so, those can be difficult. You know it’s it’s important. It’s lastly that thanks again for taking time would you would you recommend the office to others that are suffering with sort of problems.

Knowing what I know now going to all the stages of watching all the videos and having everything explained to me from supplementation point of view from nutrition point of view and from therapy and from the blood results. And now I know where it go from there. What’s wrong and what it takes to make things better. It’s been a huge thing for me

Well great well it’s a pleasure having you with us Danny we are looking forward for your continued progress absolutely Thanks again for taking the time.

your welcome

All right.

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