This video is the first of Dr. Farley’s “13 Year Old Anders Blood Test” series, and it begins a discussion of the results of the blood tests performed on Dr. Farley’s son. Because his son got Lyme’s disease over the summer, Dr. Farley decided that a full panel should be run on his son so as to gain a greater understanding of his son’s health. The tests Dr. Farley ran included tests related to his son’s food and nutritional intake, his body’s ability to methylate, and more, as relayed in the later videos of the series. Here, Dr. Farley emphasizes the importance of finding out what foods are compatible with one’s body. He advises universally to cut down on grain intake, avoid preservatives, dyes, and other artificial additives, but also describes the potential health risks associated with consuming certain foods. Even typically healthy foods such as cucumbers may have negative consequences for an individual’s body, so it is critical for everyone that they look at tests to determine the right diet for their body’s health. To learn more, contact Dr. Farley’s office today, or watch the videos in this series for a greater understanding of your body’s health.