The second video in Dr. Farley’s “13 Year Old Anders Blood Test” series goes into great depth describing the nutritional results of his son’s testing. He found deficiencies in many of his son’s micronutrients, including B6, vitamin C, copper, carnitine, and cysteine. This testing allows Dr. Farley not just to understand his son’s health better, but also to let him act in ways that would improve his child’s health and protect his family. Dr. Farley also discusses the implications of common health issues such as leaky gut, and explains how certain foods such as rice, chickpeas, or soy can trigger inflammatory responses depending on how a person’s body is built. To avoid endangering one’s body and its systems, it is critical to avoid dyes, preservatives, and allergies in your diet, protecting yourself from an inflammatory response in your gut. Dr. Farley additionally discusses how Lyme’s disease is tested for traditionally, explaining the potential complications that insufficient testing may lead to. To learn more, watch this video now, and be sure to catch the first and third videos in this series for a complete understanding.