The final entry in Dr. Farley’s “13 Year Old Anders Blood Test” series, this video explains the importance and variety within Dr. Farley’s testing. Unlike a typical medical doctor, Dr. Farley performs 187 tests for his expanded panel, and sometimes runs over a thousand tests for his specialty panels. By running more detailed panels, Dr. Farley can see if your body is healthy or functioning improperly, allowing you to take preventative action to avoid disease or complications in the future. Dr. Farley also discusses his son’s test results further, explaining the implications of certain antibodies in his brain as well as the presence of mycotoxins in his gut. The most important thing is testing and taking preventative measures; nothing is worse than losing your health because you are unaware of your body’s problems. Blood tests must occur to see how a person’s health has been or may be impacted. To learn more about how to protect your health, watch all three videos in this series today!