I hope you and your family are well and safe. I’ve decided to make this video because of all that is going around about the coronavirus. I have made a video about antiviral health, and if you haven’t seen it, kindly view it below, it is very important. More important than washing your hands is what you put in your mouth. I recommend eating a lot of vegetables and fruit. So, eat like your life depends on it.

We are offering free 15-minute phone consultations during this time. I will answer all of your questions regarding issues you may have for your chronic condition, thyroid, Parkinson’s, or other issues. You will speak directly with me, Dr. Farley. Kindly call, email or text us to setup your free 15-minute phone consultation now. (862) 222-2460 0r email us at: drjf16@yahoo.com

Antiviral Health: https://drjamesfarley.com/articles/antiviral-health/

Coronavirus Health Philosophy: https://drjamesfarley.com/articles/corona-virus-health-philosophy/