In this video Dr. Farley discusses Omega Essential Fatty Acids, especially focusing on the effects of and consumption of Omega 3. Omega 3 is alpha linoleic acid, and it is a nutrient that comes entirely from diet and supplements. Although your body functions best if this nutrient is at a 1-1 ratio with another essential fatty acid, Omega 6, there is often an enormous imbalance between the two. This is the result of people being unable to properly convert alpha linoleic acids, which can become a threat to your health. Omega 3 is involved with your cell membranes and mitochondria, brain repair and development, cellular energetics, emotional states and neural plasticity, your immune system, and even your neurotransmitters associated with mental illness and addictive behaviors. Thus, if Omega 3 is out of balance with Omega 6, your body is much more likely to be unhealthy. Dr. Farley recommends his product BDHA, a supplement that will help to restore the balance between your body’s essential fatty acids. To learn more about Omega 3 and your body’s essential fatty acids, watch this video now or contact the office today with questions.

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