This week’s blog discusses Dr. Farley’s concepts of Chaotic and True Healthcare, which he describes as the difference between two different methods of taking care of your body’s systems. Chaotic Healthcare treats only the symptoms, using drugs that will reduce the adverse effects you feel but not fix the fundamental problem in your body. This type of healthcare can also harm your body, as drugs add to your body’s stress load even when they’re meant to do good. True Healthcare is Dr. Farley’s approach, where he looks at the root functional causes of stressors in your system to reduce your allostatic stress load and reduce your body’s tone. Dr. Farley advises following the path of True Healthcare because Chaotic Healthcare is undisciplined and irresponsible; it won’t correct your body’s function, as it only manages symptoms. True Healthcare (if provided by someone with a good understanding of stressors, structure, biochemistry, foods, and your system’s balance) can prevent your health from reaching the point where dangerous symptoms begin to manifest, and does work to correct function. Most of all, Dr. Farley emphasizes the importance of self-discipline in keeping your body healthy, as only with a careful eye and rigorous testing can you stay on top of your health. To learn more about how to improve your brain and body tone, watch this video now or contact the office with any questions.

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