This is 13,000 medical doctors and scientists.  The declaration and statements that are there will link you to the declaration in the world we have made.  13,000 medical doctors and scientists.  That’s more doctors than at the NIH.  That’s more doctors than at the FDA.  That’s more doctors than at the CDC.  That’s more doctors than at the WHO.  And these are the physicians and scientists that are here to treat disease without conflicts of interest.  With the moral and ethical obligation to the Hippocratic oath and to our patients.  That’s who we are.  I’m going to start with three thoughts.  And if you walk away with nothing else from my rambling, number 1, do not inject the children with this shot. Number 2 do not inject the Covid recovered.  Number 3 do not let governments or pharmacies, or agencies block doctors and providers from giving lifesaving treatments.






I always start with this, General Patton, “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” This virus it’s not political. It’s not blue, it’s not red, it’s not purple.  It’s a humanitarian issue.  Why are we quibbling? Why are we fighting?  There’s something else at play here.  A virus is a humanitarian issue, let’s get it done, let’s get it over with, and let’s get back to a better than normal life.






We have this horrible false dichotomy that there’s only two groups, the vaccinated and unvaccinated.  And we’re going to pit you against each other.  This is nonsense.  Yes, there’s the vaccinated but they are still at equal risk for getting Delta now.  Yes, there are those who have chosen not to be vaccinated and haven’t gotten Covid.  They’re still at risk too but guess what there’s this fantastic third group, the Covid recovered.  They’re immune.  Willy Wonka golden ticket to the kingdom.  You don’t need a mask, you don’t need to panic, you don’t need to fear, you don’t need a shot.  Golden ticket, the Covid recovered.  And that’s a lot of us in this room, me included.  And you know what, you’re immune.

Dr. Risch and Dr. Battacharya, brilliant scientists, physicians, epidemiologists, state that to vaccinate the Covid recovered is scientifically incoherent.  We know from prior viruses 1918 flu, Hepatitis, Chicken Pox, Measles.  Look if you’ve had a virus and you have a competent immune system your body takes care of it.  Grandma is still immune 85 years later after having measles as a kid.  That’s because if you take care of your body your body does what it’s supposed to.  It’s been that way for eons.  So, to have agencies telling you it’s not that way denies immunology 101, logic, basic science.  Don’t let them fool you, you have an immune system.  If you take care of your body, eat the right way, get your rest, take your vitamins, move your body, lose a little weight, avoid sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, you’re going to be fine.







Brownstone Institute, everybody go to Brownstone  I’m not going to read all 106 studies that affirm naturally acquired immunity to Covid-19 that’s documented.  106 papers.  Don’t let them tell you that recovery from COVID does not lead to long lasting, durable, broad immunity because it does.  Meanwhile, our CDC comes out with a pretend paper, not peer reviewed, trying to make it look like a paper saying, “COVID Vaccines Provide 5 Times the Protection of Natural Immunity.” This is necessary propagandistic nonsense.  It’s nonsense.  Yeah, you get a shot, guess what you get a big spike of antibodies to the wrong protein for the virus that’s not circulating anymore. “See look, we can measure antibodies!” Antibodies are not immunity.  That’s not the be all end all.  So, I have 106 papers and they have 1 that they did overnight and say but we say this.  And I’m like yeah but that’s not science.  The way they did this paper we’ll go into later.

Francis Collins that just stepped down from the NIH in his directors’ blog wrote that isn’t it interesting that primates have acquired immunity and it prevents reinfections.  I mean the director of the NIH knows this.

Vaccines? Delta? Mandates? Really?  Do they prevent acquisition of the virus now? No.  Do they prevent transmission? Absolutely not.  The vaccinated carry equal or higher volumes of virus studies show out Nebraska, Vietnam, and numerous other places.  The vaccinated can transmit.  If they’re saying to you in order to keep your job you haven’t been vaccinated so you need to get tested weekly, they need to test everybody.  This is a separate but equal civil rights violation to test the unvaccinated while not testing the vaccinated.  Common, freaking, sense.  Basic science.  Do the vaccines prevent disease? No.  Death? No.  Vermont last month 76% of the deaths were in the double vaccinated.  Look at the data out of Israel and the UK if you want real data.  Illinois last week had more deaths in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.  This is just one of the studies recently published, “Vaccinated just as likely to spread delta variant within household as unvaccinated.” Don’t let them test you without testing them.  This is everybody and guess what early treatments save lives of both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.






“Permanent Vaccine Schedule May Thwart Natural Immunity.” Study out of the UK.  If you get the vaccines and then get COVID it’s interesting that the immune system is less able to make the antibodies to all the parts of the virus.  This is important.  If you got vaccinated and then you got COVID you may have a narrower immune response.  This is called original antigenic sin because your body is focusing on one part.  And think about it, a vaccine is made to mimic a portion of a natural infection so is it logical to say a natural infection isn’t as good as an immunization? No.  The immunization is mimicking a portion of a natural infection.  The natural infection is the whole enchilada.

Everybody is panicking about antibodies.  The antibodies are not the be all, end all.  We are exposed to pathogens all the time, constantly.  If your body maintained an immune response to a pathogen and created tons of antibodies your blood would sludge with protein, you would look like the swollen stay puff marshmallow man of lymph node.  Our body energetically couldn’t sustain that.  Your antibodies are always going to go down.  Don’t panic.  And this is a problem with documentation in terms that saying, “You have to prove immunity.” Those antibodies are going to go down and your T-cells are going to go up.  We know from SARRs COVID-1, 17-18 years later those individuals still have T-cell memory to SARRs COVID-1 because that’s what the immune system does.  And evidence holds strong that that’s what is happening.

Picture a bicycle.  The front tire is the spike protein.  You get a shot, and you get antibodies to that spike protein, that front tire.  When you get infected, your body remembers the handlebars, the seat, the chain, the post, the pedals, the spokes, the fenders.  Now that bicycle gets into a crash a la delta bicycle front tires bike.  Now are your antibodies going to bind to that very well? No.  So those that got vaccinated have much less recognition of this front tires bike but guess what? Those that are COVID recovered remember the rest of the bicycle.  This is critical.  IgA, your tears, your throat, your nose when you’re exposed to respiratory pathogens that come in through those the COVID recovered developed this wonderful antibody called IgA.  Your cells can produce 10,000 antibodies a minute.  If you’re COVID recovered and you get exposed to the virus again these antibodies, this IgA, binds and mops those up like that.  Why are the COVID recovered not getting COVID again?  Because they have this wonderful IgA antibody.  Now if you get the shot do you form a lot of that? No, immunology 101.  You have IgG in your circulation, but you don’t have this in your tiers.  Why are the vaccinated carrying higher viral loads?  Because they don’t have this.

Why would we reintroduce the spike, it is the pathogen.  Why would we reintroduce it to somebody who has already fantastically recovered?  You’re at higher risk of injury now – myocarditis, neurologic, autoimmune disease, latent virus reemergence.  It is the wrong shot for the wrong virus now.  If you keep getting booster, booster, booster dependent it’s like giving  peanut allergy shots your T-cells  eventually say, “I’m just not going to remember that anymore, I’m tired of seeing this protein.”  Immunology 101.  Other risks: D-dimer, sedimentation rate, things we can measure in a lab Troponin, heart damage.  After the shot we can look at these and they’re elevated.  You run the risk of clotting.  Why would you expose someone who battled COVID and got through to all these things again?  You shouldn’t.

To repeat, scientifically incoherent to vaccinate the Covid recovered.  CDC’s own data as of June 42% of children in America have already had Covid.  Now what’s happened, delta has burnt through, we know delta was a wildfire.  This is month’s later and how many more of these kids have had Covid, we’re probably at 60-70% and in some states we are at those numbers.  So why in the world would we be pushing for a shot that can harm the children and people that have already recovered.  There is no benefit.  The myocarditis in children is 6x more than hospitalizations from Covid.  If we gave the shots to all 28 million 5–11 year old’s, it may save 28-50 lives. Statistically if we look at the myocarditis studies from around the world, and it’s not just myocarditis it’s the strokes, the neurologic injuries, the Guillain-Barre syndrome, the autoimmune diseases.  But myocarditis alone to save 28-50 children will lead to 5,000-10,000 children having permanent heart damage from having myocarditis the rest of their life. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t.

Meanwhile on TV this week you see the propagandistic advertisements from Pfizer because the pharmaceutical companies can advertise and say, “Oh you’re a superhero.”  They’re playing with the minds of your children, most of which are Covid recovered and only had a sniffle because their immune systems aren’t like adult immune systems, and they got through it and you didn’t even know it.  And they’re telling the children peer pressure your friend, I’m a superhero I’m getting my shot that I don’t need that doesn’t work against the virus that’s circulating now.  Do we use children as human shields?  No.

What we don’t know is what matters.  We don’t know the long-term outcomes; we cannot advance the clock.  We don’t know the long-term safety of these experiments.  Where are the US bio distribution studies of these shots in anyone?  They don’t exist.  Where are the reproductive toxicology studies?  They don’t exist.  They do in Japan, and we know that these lipid nanoparticles concentrate in the ovaries.  Where’s the studies on immune modulation and neoplasia?  What do we want to do to the hearts of these children?

All the blue that’s inflammation that’s myocarditis, it should be all pink no blue.  And down below see the light blue going in, that’s scarring and that’s what happens when you get damage.  What about the little children’s brains? We know the S1 subunit crosses the blood brain barrier and all these pink and blue images that you see down below that’s inflammation.

Do kids need this?  Does anybody need this?  How many children do we want to put into a wheelchair?  How many children do we want to disable for the rest of their lives?  How many children do we want to make infertile?  How many children do we want to give cancer to?  The S2 subunit of this spike binds to a gene called P53, that’s the guardian of our genome.  It’s our tumor suppressor gene and we know the S2 subunit binds.  Are we going to inject into our children a spike that’s a toxin that could potentially lead to the turning off of the gene that suppresses cancer?  We know that the shots from the Pfizer study in the Netherlands modify certain receptors: these little lock and keypad receptors 3, 4, 7 and 8.  3 and 4 are responsible for cancer, 7 and 8 are responsible for viruses.  After the shots in youth, we are seeing an uptake of Epstein Barr Virus, Mono, Herpes Virus 1 and 2, shingles and other viruses.  We know that these shots are modifying the immune response in a detrimental way in many people.  In everybody? No, that’s good news.  The bad news is we don’t know how many and for how long.

Now are we going to dishonorably discharge men and women that are Covid recovered from the service that protects our nation, our borders, and our lives?  No.  I wore that uniform proudly, I served my God, my country, and my family.  Where are the generals with courage standing up to the people that are making no scientifically based decisions.  These men and women have given their lives for us to be here today freely speaking, freely interchanging and many of them are Covid recovered.  And you know what most of them are young and healthy and if you’re under age 60 with no comorbidities your chance of surviving this virus is almost 100% and if you get early treatment, it is 100%.  So why? Why these young, healthy soldiers, men and women?  What about the doctors and nurses that went from hero to zero?  Most of them are Covid recovered.  Why?  Does this make sense?  No.

Are we going to live under a new healthcare system called Pfizer Permanente? No.  Hold your ground men and women of this great nation.  For two years we’ve seen in the eyes of many, fear.  A day may come when the courage of man fails and we forsake our friends, the Covid recovered, the military, nurses, the doctors, our children, and we break the bonds of all decency in humanity and scientific truth.  But today is not that day.  An hour may come when we give into policy, big money, and fear and let truth and data-based science come crashing down.  But today is not that day.  Today we fight for science, for truth, for our children. By all you hold dear on this good earth I bid you stand for science with wisdom over deception and fear.



*This blog post is a transcription from Dr. Ryan Cole’s presentation on Natural Immunity given at the Global Covid Summit on Nov. 6th, 2021.