In this blog post, Dr. Farley talks about a report by Dr. Blaylock in regards to misinformation regarding the effectiveness of masks. Blaylock makes the claim that bolstering one’s immune system is more effective than wearing a mask, as COVID-19 endangers the immune compromised the most. This includes people with obesity, diabetes, advanced heart disease, poorly controlled hypertension, and those with pre-existing pulmonary disease. Though younger, healthier people are less at risk, those it does affect are usually affected due to a compromised immune system. Dr. Farley also mentions that it is possible for certain medical conditions to make wearing a mask potentially dangerous, including those who have trouble breathing. Dr. Farley emphasizes that while the American healthcare system does not work perfectly as it is now, it is critical to focus on making ourselves more healthy as we learn to improve our body’s function; wearing masks and social distancing is not enough to protect every individual as a whole.