This video describes the role of the nutrient iodine within the human body, and discusses how the recommended iodine levels of an individual have been thought about historically. According to the RDA, a survey from the 1950’s and 60’s, a person requires 150 micrograms of iodine, or .15mg, to avoid complete deficiency diseases such as scurvy. This does not mean that a person is optimally functioning, but instead means that they aren’t yet sick. A body without enough iodine can suffer from issues like goiter and cretinism, something that can generally be prevented with a higher iodine intake. We intake iodine primarily from the sea- living near the ocean or eating sea vegetables is great for us in this regard. We can also absorb iodine through nutrients and supplements, which is incredibly helpful as the majority of all Americans are severely iodine deficient. Consuming greater amounts of iodine will protect you from cysts and nodules forming in your body, it will work to prevent disease in the thyroid as well as glandular or hormonal tissue, and it will strengthen your stomach’s acid and your immune systems’ function. To learn more about the benefits, abilities, and tests related iodine, watch this video now and contact the office with any questions.