In this week’s video, Dr. Farley discusses an article from the Journal of Infectious Diseases, which talks about the state of microbiome science at the intersection of infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance. In summary, there is a connection between pathogens (bugs and germs) in your body, your microbiome, and your immune system’s ability to respond to the pathogen. Your nervous system is what controls the entire process, which is made of your brain, spine, and nerves. The nervous system’s control of the microbiome is largely influenced by personal health habits, as the microbiome is a living ecosystem within you. The microbiome is most present in your gastrointestinal system, but also appears in your skin, oral, vaginal, and respiratory sites.

With improper care of your health, the microbiome’s balance is thrown off. However, when or if it readjusts, it will do so at an improper equilibrium. The allostatic stress causing this problem can then become a chronic stressor, and so it is critical to have proper brain based care to protect your systems. Working with drugs and expensive transplants may treat your symptoms, but will cure neither your chronic stress nor its root functional cause. To learn more about microbiomes and Dr. Farley’s brain based care to protect your body’s health, watch this video now or contact the office with any questions.

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