In this video Dr. Farley discusses the leading mechanisms behind neural inflammation, a condition that can severely negatively impact all aspects of your health. Neural inflammation is also the leading cause of neurodegeneration, in addition to neuropsychiatric symptoms. Neural inflammation can be caused in three main ways: direct injury to the neuron, blood brain barrier breakdown, and peripheral immune activation. The direct injury to the neuron is the result of physical trauma or stroke, and can lead to permanent agitation of microglial cells. This agitation can be controlled, but only through a thorough understanding of the mechanisms behind their agitation. The blood brain barrier breakdown is often more temporary in its adverse health effects than direct injury; though it may cause transient inflammation, this is just a temporary breakdown. However, it can also lead to autoimmunity, a horrible permanent condition where your body’s B cells form antibodies against your brain. Finally, Dr. Farley discusses the mechanism of peripheral immune activation, which is the result of problems in the gut, lung, mouth, or sinuses. Peripheral immune activation usually causes transient inflammation, but if the brain’s microglial cells have already been primed, it can massively damage your health. Dr. Farley advises you to work with him to fully understand these mechanisms, so that you can protect your health as best as possible. To find out more, watch the video now or contact the office today!