This video is directed towards people who are interested in, or perhaps already taking, vitamins and minerals. It is also for those who don’t necessarily know a lot about what they’re consuming, whether that applies to a supplement’s quality, content, or purpose. Too often medicine works to treat the symptoms of a disease, rather than fixing the root functional cause – without identifying the source of the problem, it can be difficult to make any real progress. Dr. Farley has studied nutrition for decades, and provides vitamins and minerals from his own private label. Dr. Farley knows what is in his supplements, he understands their quality, form and formulation, and he has seen them work in thousands of patients. He works to treat function, not just symptoms, and strives to restore a patient’s normal physiology in safe and effective methods. To learn more about Dr. Farley’s work and his study of nutrients and minerals, watch this video now or contact the office today!

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