This video discusses the immune system in addition to the purpose of vaccines, explaining how both function in the human body. Your immune system works through a series of barriers, primarily in the gut, where germs or antigens are intercepted. Assuming your body is working correctly, these antigens will then be received by antibodies, which will adapt to deal with the virus to protect your health. If an immune response works properly, these interactions with the germs will prepare you for dealing with the bug more in the future, protecting yourself from getting sick of the same thing again. Vaccines work to artificially induce this process; they introduce a weaker version of the virus to your immune system, so that your body can understand the basic idea of how the bug works. However, as they are weaker, they aren’t necessarily as efficient a teacher for your immune system as a real germ; that’s why booster shots are often necessary to bolster their effectiveness. Dr. Farley ultimately concludes with the recommendation of restoring proper immune function. He believes it is the most important thing to do in this pandemic, as it will protect you from the worst of COVID 19’s effects in the case of infection.