This week’s video discusses the microbiome, your body’s tenth system. The microbiome resides within your gut, working symbiotically with your body. It is comprised of separate and distinct cells from your own, as it is made of bacteria largely living in your large intestine. Despite its separate origin, your brain can connect to the microbiome, monitoring and influencing it. The microbiome can be in a healthy state, which is called eubiosis, or an unbalanced state called dysbiosis. This balancing act is affected by many factors, including diet, environmental xenobiotics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, any kinds of stress, antibiotics in food, and more.

When your body, brain, and microbiome are in a healthy eubiotic state, you can produce postbiotics. These benefit you with improvements to your metabolism, brain function, gut, immune system, pain, energy, and focus. In order to protect your body and microbiome, Dr. Farley’s clinic takes a neuro-biomedicine approach to get you the best results possible. They do not use drugs to try and manage symptoms, but instead focus on restoring normal physiology by giving your brain and body what it needs (and removing what it doesn’t need). They look for root functional causes to see where your brain and body’s gears are off, and grant a new opinion and a approach to restoring your body’s healability. To learn more about your Microbiome and how Dr. Farley’s clinic can defend your health, watch this video today or contact the office with any questions.

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