In this video, Dr. Farley discusses the five different branches of the immune system. He explains how the number one epigenetic problem is sustained inflammation, which means the immune system is not functioning optimally. Over time, this creates many diseases, and it drives everyone’s health in the wrong direction. The first thing you must understand about your immune system is that we have to go to the barriers. The barriers are your skin, gut, lung, ear-nose-throat, and the blood brain barrier. When these are compromised, it creates sustained inflammation in many parts of your body. The next thing to understand is your innate immunity, the cells that you possess that can target germs and pathogens. Then there are the T Cells, which is part of the lymph sites and also your B cells, which are the antibodies. Antibodies make up about 20% of your immune system. If you are trying to get full immune ability, you want to look at the entire immune system, not just the small 20% antibody arm. Learn more about these topics and the other branches of your immune system by watching this informative video.