Today we are focusing on the Allostatic Stress Load from the Four Types of Stress.

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Mental-emotional
  • Auto Suggestion

One of the first places this was talked about a book by Nobel prize winning author Hans Selye who wrote “The Stress of Life, in which he documents the stress response which is a Brain-Hormone and a Brain-Nervous System reaction.

In another book by Dr. Chestnut, he details through the stress response function in detail. He theorizes that all disease happens from stressors. A high allostatic stress load creates a lack of normal function. It creates a brain hormone and brain nervous system reaction that breaks us down and creates disease, which then creates more disease.


Physiology of the Stress Response

Over time, the problem with these stressors is the more you run this loop, the more we wire this loop to run. We are creating a higher allostatic stress load because the loop runs more, and more, and more and soon, it does not turn off. The stressors must be addressed.

The response to the stressor may be given a medical diagnosis like diabetes, high blood pressure, swelling, some type of immune issue, or lipid abnormalities These are downstream responses to stressors. Even though we treat them with drugs, every drug we take does not, will not, and cannot ever lower your allostatic stress load because they don’t restore function. So, every drug we take adds to our allostatic stress load.

What happens to our Physiology when we are under a high Allostatic Stress Load?

  • The autonomic nervous system fires down immediately through the sympathetic adrenal medullary axis brain hormones and off comes the catecholamines: epinephrine, norepinephrine, adrenaline, noradrenaline brain hormones and that sets off the stress response.
  • The neuroendocrine release of the hypothalamus adrenal cortex then releases different hormones like cortisol, aldosterol, etc. and we see other shifts.

All stressors come to a point in the Hypothalamus portion of the brain. The Hypothalamus connects the nervous system, the endocrine system, and the immune system. A high Allostatic stress load creates:

  • Increased cortisone. Our stress hormones go off. We are now in a catabolic state. Increased hormones create a catabolic state, which increases catecholamines the stress hormones that make you feel out of balance, anger, and other extreme emotions.
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased blood glucose, which turns into pre-diabetes and diabetes.
  • Increased blood lipids, which is your cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, etc.
  • Increased clotting factors, which raises our risk of stroke and deep vein thrombosis
  • Increased protein degradation of muscle and connective tissue. We start to waste.
  • Increased insulin resistance, so blood sugar goes into disglycemia. We are starting to not regulate our insulin properly leading to many different diseases.
  • Increased feelings of fear, anxiety, stress, and depression. Imagine that! Most of what we are being told are psychological problems are physiological high levels of allostatic stress load and therefore the patient’s brain is experiencing these feelings.
  • Decreased short term memory. The ability to concentrate goes down and learning new material goes down.
  • Decreased serotonin levels and increased neuro-adrenalin levels, which can show up as major gastrointestinal problems. 90% of serotonin is used in the gastrointestinal system .Serotonin is also the happy neurotransmitter in the brain.
  • Increased sensitivity of the sensory system, which includes pain, numbness, and tingling. You will not get out of chronic pain patterns if you don’t address the stressor, the auto suggestion and the NP3=Negative Perception Plasticity Programming, which we call Stinkin’ Thinkin.
  • Decreased Cellular Immunity, which makes you susceptible to all types of immune problems.
  • Decreased Anabolic Hormone levels like growth hormones and testosterone, and luteinizing hormone, which means that you will not be anabolic regrowing new cells. You are in catabolic breakdown Survival mode.

Lastly you can get Bone loss, Muscle Fiber changes leading to Osteoporosis.

The key here is this: The chronically stressful environment is the pathology; Not the body’s response to that. If all we do is treat these different stressor symptoms with more drugs, we are just adding more stress into an already stressed-out system. That is not healthcare!

You need to Focus on Restoring Normal Physiology. What we do at CREATING healABILITY INC. is focus on our Neuro Biomedicine Plan in which we work on the Brain, Cellular Energetics, Lifestyle, Foods, and Nutrients to identify your specific root functional causes creating a high allostatic stress load that impedes your healability. It is a very simple process: identify stressors, doour best to lower then, and allow the body to heal the body.

The Stress Response and the Stressor is what is causing 95% of Diseases, Not Genetics. You are Not Locked in or boxed in unless you want to be. Let us set Up a True Healthcare plan to raise your healability through our Neuro-Biomedicine Expertise.

Also, check more videos from Dr. Farley on YouTube.