3 Chiropractic Subluxation Models

The philosophies within chiropractic, the basic idea is that subluxation interferes with the nervous system which will in turn not enable a person to function properly. There are 3 different models when it comes to subluxation, the first model is that subluxation is a bone that is misaligned which interferes with the nerves from the [...]

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Neuro Degeneration – Decline

A lot can be done for people with neurodegeneration decline, if you understand the mechanisms in how this process happens and over a time frame drugs speed this process up, the functional cause needs to be addressed. The neurons inside your brain can die and they never come back, 85% damage needs to occur before [...]

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Symptoms are Totally Inaccurate

Some people believe that there is a magic drug to cure all diseases, cure means to restore function and no drugs restore function, they only manage symptoms. If the body is given what it needs and you remove what it doesn't need it has the opportunity to function at a higher level. There are many [...]

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The Flu Shot

When your immune system sees germs, depending on the health of the person and the functional level of their overall health, the body will make an antibody against the germ; once your body makes the antibody you have long term protection against that germ forever, which is your acquired immune system.  You should be trying to [...]

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Glucose/Insulin Resistance/Diabetes

Blood Sugar Dynamics The number one symptom/sign of insulin resistance is fatigue after meals and stubborn weight. A good blood test needs to be done to look at blood sugar levels. By eating too many sugary foods you overload your system and this throws your metabolic rate out of balance. You need to get tested [...]

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Microbial Endocrinology (Gut/Brain-Brain/Gut)

There is communication between microbiome in the gut and the brain and they go back and forth, a breakdown in the brain causes a breakdown in the microbiome and vice versa, both areas need to be addressed to balance them out. The 3 stresses that contribute to setting off the imbalance are chemical stress, physical [...]

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Snake Oil Weight Loss

You do not lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy and you lose weight. A healthy person does not hold weight, a body that is functioning well will have a good metabolic rate and your weight will be at a normal level for you. You also need to know that just because you’re thin, [...]

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Flu Shot

This video shows the reasons I don’t get a flu shot and why I don’t plan on getting one. When your immune system sees germs, depending on the overall health of the person, the body will make an anti-body against the germ, this process takes 7 – 10 days and you then have long term [...]

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Chiropractic Subluxation Models

To reach an optimal level of function to restore proper tone the Tonal Model is actually the way things work, to deal with the altered position of the vertebra or partial abnormal separation of the articular surfaces of a joint. This technique takes two to five minutes and is very effective in activating the brain, [...]

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The Devastation of not sleeping

Insomnia is not a real diagnosis it’s a result of the brain not functioning properly and must not be blown off as no big deal, this is not normal and it means your physiology is off. Not sleeping can also be early signs of neurodegeneration; the brain needs to be evaluated when you are having [...]

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