Hello Amy, Hi how are you?

Good Thank you for taking time to give us the testimonial here at MFC Center for Health. First question I like to ask is What How did you find us what brought you to the office to begin with.

I was feeling very very ill one night. I was up in bed and I just started searching for I guess random things that I was feeling. I typed in I can’t remember that now excessive tiredness. Not feeling well somehow. Dr. Farley came up and I started watching his videos and I’m like I need to see this guy. I don’t know how but I need to I need to find him I need to get in and the following morning I called and luckily I’m here now.

Okay so what were the symptoms you had and you have it diagnosed

I didn’t at the time I didn’t have a diagnosis. I was very fatigued. I had rashes all over my body. I had stomach issues a plethora of issues and I just wasn’t feeling right and I didn’t know why. And I came to see Dr. Farley and around the same exact time I was seeing my regular general practitioner and they took tests and they recommended that I see an infectious disease doctor around the same time that I was seeing Dr. Farley I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Okay, what were some of the successes if you will that you experienced while coming to the office here.

Probably about a few weeks after Dr. Farley told me what and what I should and should not be eating. Knock on wood I haven’t had any stomach issues since my rashes have subsided. Probably about 90 percent. I still have low fatigue due to the Lyme disease but I have more energy. My husband always says you know look at you you’re past nine there. There was a point in time when I would get home from work and I thought I was in bed for the rest of the night. Now last night I was up until 12:30 doing stuff I am up I am around I’m doing stuff food is still a challenge for me but hopefully I’ll get there soon.

Ok. Have you been to number of different doctors practitioners in your pursue for getting better.

Dr. Farley was a 30 second doctor that I saw.

Is that right Yeah

And every doctor I went to. Let’s take this test let’s take that test. But there is no definitive answer. What was wrong and before I told Dr. Farley that I was diagnosed with Lyme he actually said to me Do you think that maybe could be Lyme. And I had been tested for Lyme disease in 2014 because I didn’t hit the five markers. They never told me I have one disease.

Okay I see so lucky number 30 second yes.

Ok, So How do you see yourself now for future of your health now that you got on this track and it’s close to where you think you may have reached.

I something that Dr. Farley always said it’s a lifestyle. So it is a lifestyle change. And I made that change every time I come in and meet with him and he he always looks at me and he ask. Are you sticking to the diet and then he looks at me and he’s like I know you’re sticking to the diet. Everyone around me now is starting to change my family’s eating differently because I have to. I recently just received stem cell. So I’m still following that journey. It’s difficult. There’s days when I’m still very tired. There’s days when I am seen you know blurry right now I am seeing spots. But you know you get through it. I hope that after the nine weeks which is up at the end of this week I do started feeling better post stem cell you know with the guidance of all of you and Dr. Farley I’m hopeful.

Good ok, anything any suggestions for improvement. What are your thoughts about the staff how can you

Well it just feels like they’re my centered family. You know there’s all I received text messages on a Saturday when I know you guys are not here. I hope you’re feeling better Amy. If they knew that I came in on a Thursday and I wasn’t feeling well. So you are all amazing. I’m very very happy that I have found you and I would encourage anyone I know you know money is an issue. But there is a way that Dr. Farley will work with anyone who comes through his doors and I’m a believer in everything happens for a reason. So for whatever reason my illness I guess or the way that I’m feeling right now I use it as a positive you know not as a negative so

Good well we’re happy to see you that you are making progress you have made to do so thank you for taking the time and sharing your experience with us.

Thank you

Thanks Amy

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