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  • How did you find our office? (Online, referral, etc.)
    I found out about the office through online. I was searching for a doctor that specialized in thyroid. I did not know who I was looking for but that’s when I found Dr. Farley.
  • How long have you been receiving treatment?
    I have been receiving treatment for three weeks now. I come to the office twice a week for treatment.
  • How long did it take for you to start seeing results?
    I started noting results within the first week of treatment. After my first treatment I noticed that I was sleeping a lot better. I was not having trouble falling asleep.
  • What are the top 3-5 things that have changed for the better? That you’re more positive about? (I.E. better sleep, stomach problems improved? Etc)
    There are a few things that have changed for me. I’m sleeping a lot better. I can sleep through the night without waking up. I am no longer losing hair. Before, my hair would fall out a lot, but now it feels
    healthier, stronger. I am no longer in pain. My body would ache for no reason, but now I don’t feel that anymore. I feel more energized, so I can help more around the house. Do the wife things. Also, before I
    used to throw up a lot. I would just randomly throw up. But now I don’t. I feel good. I feel better about myself.
  • How have these changed helped improve your life? (More time to spend with family & friends? Better work performance?)
    Now that I feel better I can take care or my husband instead of him taking care of me. I can also take more care of the house, cleaning. I also work for my husbands company. I am doing better at work, I can
    focus more and do a better job.
  • How is your outlook about your current health & your health in the future?
    I am more positive about my future. I feel better, I have more energy. I’ve lost 12 pounds too. I had to buy clothes because my clothes is too big on me now. I am happier.
  • Would you recommend our office to other people desperately seeking help? Why?
    Yes, I would recommend other to the office because of the improvement in myself. It works, so others should try it and see the results.

– Ewa Jankowski

*Individual Results May Vary

Susan P. Testimonial – Thyroid

I found the office through an internet search. I was searching for some kind of different therapy. I don’t remember. I don’t think it was PEMF, but I’ve heard about some other kind of a therapy. Maybe it was brain based, something like that. And I was searching online to find a doctor that had these different kinds of therapies that I’ve had been starting to hear about. I was skeptical before coming here. I’m skeptical of everyone. Prior to coming here I had been to many doctors. I don’t know exactly how many, honestly. It’s been going on for eight years. For this only, I was on synthroid for my thyroid and Celebrex for my muscle tightness. I hadn’t really tried drugs, drugs. I’ve been receiving treatment here I think almost two months now. I started feeling results in my head the first week, one to two weeks, I started to have a little bit more clarity in my mind, a little of the fog had lifted the brain fog.

My mood is a lot better. My energy is a lot better. It’s not that it’s not normal still, but I can now go out at 8:00 in the evening where I could not do that before. And my weight, I have taken off about 10 pounds. My mood has completely changed, and just being more active and going out and my outlook is definitely a lot better. I was definitely moodier before I was grumpier before, so that’s definitely a change because that’s not really my personality. I’m faster too, with thinking.

I would recommend the office to everyone, I already recommended several people and I believe one person is now coming. I think Dr. Farley’s the real deal. After seeing and still seeing holistic, functional, a endocrine specialists, regular specialist, eastern, Western medicine, acupuncture, this is the only doctor that I’ve actually seen drastic results from.

*Individual Results May Vary

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