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CREATING healABILITY for Aspergers and Autism Treatment

Dr. James Farley, DC, BA, BS, MS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

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Aspergers’ and Autism is a scary thing to be told about your child!

I have three beautiful children and I’m just like you a concerned parent that wants the best for my child. When you are given a diagnosis or see neuro behavioural or neuro psychiatric symptoms you may feel total panic, loss and sadness for you, your child and your family. Yes, I agree this medical diagnosis is freighting but…


What we do know is that there are many theories out there on why all these problems are sky rocketing in our children over the past 20 years +/_. I have followed the vaccine idea, the toxicity idea, the genetic idea, the birth trauma idea and the idiopathic idea. After really thinking and not being emotional about these “IDEAS” I’ve came to the conclusion that they all have some credibility, but not one idea that can provide answers for your child.

Once these hidden root functional causes are found you set up a plan to best correct, reduce and eliminate them. You allow proper time and then you can see the results you didn’t know were possible or him cried and prayed for became reality. Request your FREE report today and begin to move forward in your life about this situation you’ve been dealing with. There are many more answers than just special classes, special schools, medications or removing processed foods. Get this report it can change your day, your life and maybe even your child. Call now to request your FREE report or leave your name and address and it will be mailed to you in 1-3 days.

To Your Health,
James Farley

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