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CREATING healABILITY for Diabetes Treatment

The first thing to understand is that blood sugar disorders are involved in almost ALL DISEASES, and all aspects of human physiology. Our bodies need to produce energy from converting glucose into ATP. If this is NOT working properly or efficiently HEALTH CANNOT BE ACHIEVED. This therefor is a priority for all patients and they must strive to find a competent healthcare provider that understands this and has more options then medications only. The medications and drugs manage the levels but do NOT address the root functional causes & they cannot produce health. Syndrome X is person showing signs of Insulin Resistance but not a diabetic yet. This is almost 100% of the chronic patients I consult with.

The Toxicity of Glucose Dysglycemia
Eyes Retinopathy (microaneurysms, hemorrhages, exudates, neovascularization)
Kidneys Nephropathy (albuminuria, nephrotic syndrome, hyporeninemic, hypoaldosteronism, end stage renal disease
Nerves Neuropathy (distal sensory ± motor neuropathy, mononeuritis multiplex, autonomic neuropathy, amyotrophy, chronic demyelinating immune poly neuropathy)
Skin/ Mucous Membranes Microvascular lesions, necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum, staphylococcus/ streptococcus infection/ cellulitis/ fungal (yeast) infections
Fetus Macrosomia, congenital anomalies (neural tube defects), shoulder dystocia
Pancreas Endocrine- decreased insulin secretion, β-cell failure
Exocrine- decreased digestive enzyme synthesis and secretion
Insulin Target Tissues Insulin resistance in fat, muscle and liver.
Vascular System Atherosclerosis, endothelial cell dysfunction (decreased vasodilation), restenosis
Brain Mood disorders, Insomnia, abnormal stress responses, memory decline, weakness, dizziness, neurodegeneration.

The adverse health effects of Glucose/sugar toxicity/Insulin Resistance/Diabetes are devastating mentally, physically, psychologically and socially. When glucose is not able to enter a cell due to Insulin Resistance it will become oxidized (damaged) into free radical compounds called glycolated end products (GEP). These compounds will then exhibit INFLAMMATION/ DESTRUCTIVE to tissues as well, HIGH INSULIN LEVELS = MASSIVE INFLAMMATION, DETERIORATION, & DISEASE OF TISSUES. The negative impact of Insulin Resistance on our function and physiology of our mind/ bodies is devastating.

The top 11 damaging secret effects of Insulin Regulation/ Dysglycemia
Your doctor has not told you about:

Damage Secret #1: Insulin Resistance causes sodium retention which is why you may swell and have high blood pressure.
Damage Secret #2: CEMT (Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein) is negatively impacted and it shows up as LOW HDL! (The good cholesterol)
Damage Secret #3: Elevated levels of PAI-1 (Plasma activation inhibitor 1) This increases the rate of coagulation and, increased stroke and heart attack risk!
Damage Secret #4: Insulin Regulation creates an upregulation (more produced) of HMG-CO Reductase which increases CHOLESTEROL! (Then you’re told to go on STATINS!)
Damage Secret #5: Insulin Regulation drives PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in women), ladies grow facial hair, can’t get pregnant, and have MAJOR hormone imbalances. Due to these hormone imbalances, you are also at an increased risk for ESTROGEN TYPE BREAST CANCER. (The most common type of breast cancer.)
Damage Secret #6: IR also causes a disruption in your entire endocrine system and can impact; thyroid, sex hormones, fluid regulation, FAT!, bone health, and breast tissue.
Damage Secret #7: Low testosterone can be caused by IR. So “Low T”, as is marketed all over the TV these days should actually be called IR! Are you fat, growing female breasts, and have low libido or erectile dysfunction? Look in the mirror guys!!!
Damage Secret #8: Low energy, insomnia, chronic fatigue, dizziness, weakness may also be caused by dysglycemia.
Damage Secret #9: Depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder usually all have dysglycemia involved in the ROOT FUNCTIONAL CAUSES of these issues.
Damage Secret #10: The #1 CANCER CAUSING METABOLIC DEFECT IS IMPROPER DYSGLYCEMIA, which doesn’t allow for proper oxidative phosphorylation, and in turn cells change their genes (EPIGENETICS) so that they burn glucose/ sugar as fuel. This is the beginning of cancer. Cancer is an epidemic don’t you agree, when I was a kid NO ONE HAD CANCER!!
Damage Secret #11: Insulin Regulation decreases GCDP (Glucose G Phosphate Dehydrogenase) which eventually lowers glutathione production and the livers Phase II Detox is suppressed. 90% of our detox is done by our livers! This is a major problem!!

So as you can see you need to be actively working on all your Root Functional Causes as to why you have IR/Diabetes/Dysglycemia. We may be able to help if you qualify.

You NEED answers, and we may have those answers, call now, stop deteriorating and declining, get your health and life back on track!!!

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