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CREATING healABILITY for Hashimoto Disease Treatment

So you got your diagnosis of hypothyroidism and then get the confirmation that you actually are a Hashimotos patient. This seems like great news except NOTHING CHANGES! You still have drudgery energy levels, hair loss, gross weight gain, low libido (now so bad, it’s a major problem with your partner or spouse), gastrointestinal distress, DEPRESSION (that by the way is not psychological but biochemical) and the list goes on and on. You may even feel like no one believes you because your blood test shows that you are “good”. You probably have even consulted 3-10 doctors and they all agree you are being managed well per their allopathic model standards, except your life is miserable and you know you are in no way stable, but progressively getting worse- you feel helpless and hopeless. You may ask how I know this, well it comes with experience. At this point, we get more chronic case than any other non-allopathic doctors’ office in New Jersey. Actually, we are now ranked on Google on the very first page! While many have found our site by desperately seeking Google, you may find a new doctor with some answers.

Hashimoto’s Facts:
90% of all hypo thyroid cases are Hashimoto’s
First described in 1912 by Dr. Hakaru Hashimoto
It’s a condition caused by a sustained inflammatory response on the thyroid gland.
This sustained inflammatory condition is called AUTO IMMUNITY.

Auto- immune means your sustained inflammatory response got so bad that your own immune system has made antibodies to your own tissue (thyroid and probably more that you don’t know about yet) and now your immune system continues to attack and destroy the thyroid gland and other tissues!

Treatment Options:
Allopathic Model: Treat as low thyroid with medications.
Integrative Model: Treat as low thyroid with vitamins, herbs and glandulars.
Farley Neuro-Biomedicine Model: Scientifically, uncover all of your root functional causes personalized to your case, then correct them. PERSONALIZED NeuroBio Medicine, not general shot gun approaches.

The Hashimoto’s patients are usually demonstrating between too little and too much thyroid hormone levels.

The problem needs to be addressed for a root functional cause diagnosis, not viewed as a hypothyroid problem only. If this approach has not been taken, and usually it has not, then decline is 100% certain. Another very, very dangerous problem with treating you as a hypothyroid patient only and not as an auto-immune patient, is that your immune system that’s out of control starts to tag and attack other tissues. This raises you to risk of diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, dementia, ulcerative colitis, celiac, ALS, scleroderma, RA, cancers and a ton of other seemingly unrelated but definitely related health problems. You need to find out all of the vital information as soon as possible so that you catch this as early as possible to prevent these from creeping up on you only to get more and more damage, then get another diagnosis in 2-15 years later. By that time, your case is much more difficult to help.

You may be asking yourself, why haven’t any of the doctors Ive been to, told me this? This makes sense and it describes me totally?!?!

Answer: They work off of a 50 year old model which measures usually only TSH and possibly T4. From there, the drug is prescribed (synthroid, etc…). If your TSH levels drop, it’s considered an allopathic model success… But you now know it’s not! Our approach can help you discover all of your personal root causes (usually there are 13 common variations) and then lay out a plan to restore normal function. We are not allopathic doctors, we do not use drugs. We use an evidence based, scientific approach that is easy to understand, and bottom line, usually produces results within 1-3 weeks in 90% of cases that qualify. Stop the run- around and stop feeling like it’s “you”. It’s not you, just need a different model and doctor trained in these approaches.

I will listen to you, carefully consult with you and try to help you. If I do not think I can help you, I will let you know. I hope this gives you some hope that yes you can get better- but you need a new viewpoint. Call today, or click the request a consult button.

Dr. Farley

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