Hello Kimberly, Hi.

Thanks for taking the time again to still with us and give us the testimonials and thoughts about your care here at the office first of all I like to ask how did you how did you find out about us and what brought you to the office in the first place.

Well I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disorder and then I beat up my medication. So I already had hypothyroid. So I wondered was it just gonna keep going up eventually so I asked my doctor and she said yes we’ll keep increasing it until we take your thyroid out. So I said I really don’t want that. So then I started to get online and do a little bit of a.

I didn’t mind that was that was relatively painless wasn’t it I was thinking something of throwing some big words here

Believing me Kiss principle you know

And I am saying that I am 50-60 percent better than controlling bit of

Thanks again

Your welcome

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