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Dr. James Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Health System for Nonsurgical Drug Free Chronic Condition Help In New Jersey

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Dr. James Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Health System for nonsurgical drug free chronic condition help can easily be understood when applied to the science of Translational Medicine as described from the National Institutes of Health. Please click here to learn more about Translational Medicine.

Most doctor’s offices rely on outdated protocols that are 17-20 years behind the basic scientific research. The reason for this is lack of initiative by most doctors, and for medical legal reasons, is why they will not deviate from typical protocols even when they are outdated and produce terrible results for patients. The focus is not on the individual patient and their unique requirements, instead, the patient is literally pushed from office to office with the goal to just move the responsibility to another doctor or office (usually patients are given more and more drugs, by more and more doctors).

Here at Dr. James Farley’s Office, we will fight for you and your health! We will provide new possibilities and potential for greater healABILITY, greater depth of understanding, more compassionate listening, and ultimately, superior results aimed at restoring proper function. We do not treat any disease, instead we focus on your functional deficits. This, in turn, can have profound and positive improvements for patients that qualify.

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Thyroid Disorders and Hashimoto Disease Help In New Jersey

thyroid help New Jersey, NJIf you need thyroid help in New Jersey, NJ, you are in the right place! Thyroid disorders are conditions that affect the thyroid gland in the front of the neck. The thyroid is located below the Adam’s apple wrapped around the trachea. Disorders that affect thyroid function can either speed up or slow down metabolic processes, which can lead to a broader variety of symptoms. Symptoms of thyroid disorders can affect emotions, energy, and mood. In most cases of thyroid disorders, the illness is not deadly but can eventually changes your body and weaken it.

Thyroid disorders can be classified into different specifications; it can either be hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, a goiter, thyroid nodules or a thyroid cancer. Usually, thyroid disorder help is recommended as soon a person is diagnosed with symptoms of thyroid disorder or a thyroid issue. Seeking treatment for thyroid issues is recommended so the thyroid disorder does not lead to enlargement of the thyroid gland in the neck and result into a more serious thyroid condition.

Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Health System has treated many patients with a similar thyroid diagnosis that you have. Dr. Farley looks at the brain, cellular energetics, lifestyle, foods, and nutrients and he develops personalized plans based on your unique case needs.

We work with all thyroid doctors and thyroid specialists involved to get you the optimal outcome. This strategy is safe, simple, reasonable, rational thyroid healthcare and usually dramatically more effective. You may be seeking an endocrinologist or parathyroid/thyroid surgeon to have your thyroid ultrasound performed, thyroid removed or some sort of radioactive thyroid treatment for potential thyroid cancer. As you seek treatment for your enlarged thyroid, thyroid nodules, gland and thyroid cyst issues, high thyroid level, hypothyroidism, overactive thyroid, or other hyperthyroid or thyroid challenge, call our thyroid specialist team to learn how to understand the foundational principles to your root causes of your sluggish, enlarged, overactive or underactive thyroid.

If you are experiencing thyroid symptoms and live in New Jersey don’t hesitate to call or email Dr. Farley to see if you will qualify. He will listen to you, carefully consult with you and try to help you. If he does not think he can help you, he will let you know. Call or email today, or click the more information button below to learn more about properly helping your thyroid condition.

If you live in New Jersey and suffer with thyroid issues please call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Thyroid Help.

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Parkinson’s Help In New Jersey

Parkinsons Help New Jersey We provide Parkinson’s help in New Jersey. Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease. It is a disease of the brain and central nervous system. Movement is normally controlled by dopamine, a chemical that carries signals between the nerves in the brain. In Parkinson’s, dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra are lost and the symptoms of Parkinson’s appear. While medications can give some relief from “Parkinson’s disease symptoms”, no drug can stop the progression of the illness throughout the “Parkinson’s stages”.

Dr. Farley offers a combination Parkinson’s help in his Neuro-Biomedicine Health System in New Jersey that can help addresses your specific foundational principles to your root functional causes to help alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life through your “Parkinson’s disease stages”. Creating healABILITY offers the Neuro-Biomedicine approach towards understanding what caused Parkinson’s. It is a safe, comprehensive and scientific method aimed at improving functional neuro-metabolic deficits to ease your suffering from Parkinson’s/Parkinsonism in New Jersey. We usually see positive results in 2 to 4 weeks with our patients that qualify.

We work with all movement disorder doctors involved to get you the optimal outcome. Some doctors recommend Parkinson’s drugs. Even if you have embarked on the path of any of the new Parkinson’s drugs, take a moment to consult with Dr. Farley. His strategy is safe, simple, reasonable, rational movement disorder healthcare and usually dramatically more effective. As you seek a movement disorder doctor who is trained in nervous system conditions, such as a neurologist, or Parkinson’s doctor, who would recommend Parkinson’s medication, medicine, a cure, treatment or therapy, take some time to understand the foundational principles to your root functional causes of Parkinson’s Disease and address them by visiting our Parkinson’s Specialists.

Call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Parkinson’s Help.

If you live in New Jersey and suffer with Parkinson’s or Parkinsonians please call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Parkinson’s Help.

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Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Help In New Jersey

 Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Help New JerseyAnxiety is a common symptom of bipolar disorder, but about half of those with the condition have simultaneous anxiety disorder and need a professional to evaluate the person’s “depression and anxiety”. Anxiety is the body’s natural response to danger, an automatic alarm that goes off when you feel endangered, stressed, or are facing a traumatic situation. Bipolar Disorder can be very tiring for both the individual suffering from it and their loved ones. The person with Bipolar Disorder experiences severe highs and lows called manic episodes – a phase of time in which the person has an ecstatic or high mood, including an exaggerated self-esteem, pressured or rapid speech, rising desire for interpersonal relations such as talking with strangers, and a decreased need for sleep. Dr. James Farley evaluates each individual case to find the foundational principles to your root functional causes that are causing depression, anxiety or bipolar in the patient. He offers a natural help for depression, bipolar and anxiety, and seeks alternatives to treating depression, anxiety and bipolar patients with anti-anxiety Benzodiazepines, SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), antidepressants or antipsychotic medication to help treat depression, anxiety and bipolar conditions.

Individuals with Bipolar Disorder often deal with recurring depression and stress as well. Stress, in particular, is a major risk factor for depression. Addressing the foundational principles to your root functional causes of biopolar conditions, is designed to help people feel in control of their illness – keeping symptoms at bay and stopping new episodes from happening.

Consulting advice from a trusted and dependable professional to find the right treatment for bipolar disorder is very important. We work with all mental health doctors and therapists involved to get you the optimal outcome. This strategy is safe, simple, reasonable, rational mental healthcare and usually dramatically more effective. A psychiatrist or psychologist may recommend depression, anxiety or bipolar condition therapies including: cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a talk therapy focused on modifying negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotional responses associated with psychological distress; behavior therapy, which is a therapy focused on modifying harmful behaviors associated with psychological distress; or, psychotherapy, which is a treatment of mental or behavioral disorders through talk therapy. A psychiatrist may also recommend medicines to reduce or improve the symptoms of certain psychiatric conditions as well. These medications usually do not cure, but merely mask the symptoms. We encourage you to understand the foundational principles to your root functional causes of what causes anxiety, bipolar and depression. When it comes to how to treat anxiety or cure clinical depression, knowing the foundational principles to your root functional causes can help you take major strides to a natural remedy to address your severe depression, anxiety or bipolar condition. Stop trying to fight depression and address the actual foundational principles to your root functional causes that are creating it in the first place.

If you have anxiety symptoms and live in New Jersey or if you have an anxiety condition in addition to your bipolar symptoms, contact Dr. James Farley today. Finding relief from the symptoms associated with mood disorders is a process that starts with addressing which gears are stuck and to get them oiled up and moving again. Dr. James Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Health System is ready to help you evaluate and address the foundational principles to your root functional causes of your bipolar disorder.

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Dementia & Alzheimer’s Help In New Jersey

 Dementia Alzheimer’s Help New JerseyThe most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s. It is a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases are Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging. The greatest known risk factor is increasing age, and the majority of people with Alzheimer’s are 65 and older. But Alzheimer’s is not just a disease of old age. Approximately 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 have younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease (also known as early-onset Alzheimer’s).

Alzheimer’s worsens over time. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, where dementia symptoms gradually worsen over a number of years. In its early stages, memory loss is mild, but with late-stage Alzheimer’s, individuals lose the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to their environment.

Ask yourself if your doctor hasn’t looked to find the hidden root causes to your dementia problems. Did your doctor look into any of these nine areas:

  1. Anemia
  2. Chronic Systemic Inflammation
  3. Intoxication from Other Drugs/ Medicine
  4. Autoimmune Reactions to the Brain
  5. Chronic Methylation Issues
  6. Stable Blood Sugar
  7. Lack of Activation
  8. Thyroid Undiagnosed
  9. Dementia/ Alzheimer’s and Genetics

Our office has developed a neuro-biomedicine approach to document and identify all of your root functional cases that are creating low healABILITY for your Dementia & Alzheimer’s Help.

Once identified we have a plan of attack to raise healABILITY and improve brain function. If you live in New Jersey and suffer with Dementia & Alzheimer’s please call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Dementia & Alzheimer’s Help.

Call or email our friendly team to learn more: 862-222-2460,

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Autoimmune Help In New Jersey

 Autoimmune Help New JerseyYour body’s immune system protects you from disease and infection. An autoimmune disease mistakenly causes your immune system to attacks healthy cells in your body. Many parts of the body can be affected by autoimmune diseases.

Many of the 80 plus types of autoimmune diseases have similar symptoms. You may be frustrated and uneasy with your autoimmune diagnosis. Please, give Dr. James Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Health System a chance to properly identify areas in the neuro-metabolic areas of function that are stuck. Get your stuck gears lubed up and working properly for optimal healABILITY in your mind and body.

If you suffer with autoimmune disease please call or email us to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Autoimmune Disease Help.

Call or email our friendly team: 862-222-2460,

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Gastrointestinal Disorder Help In New Jersey

Gastrointestinal Disorder Help New JerseyGastrointestinal disorders include conditions as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistulas, perianal abscesses, perianal infections, diverticular diseases, colitis, acid reflux, GERD, colon polyps and cancer.

If you suffer from any of these Gastrointestinal symptoms listed above, you deserve a new opinion, not another washed out second opinion. Our approach identifies dysfunctional neuro-metabolic imbalances. We then design a custom plan specific to your required needs to improve function and raise your healABILITY.

If you suffer with Gastrointestinal Symptoms please call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Gastrointestinal Help.

Call or Email our friendly team: 862-222-2460,

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Post Breast Cancer Living Help In New Jersey

Post Breast Cancer Living Help New JerseyBreast cancer is a form of cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States, after skin cancer. Breast cancer can occur in both sexes, but it’s far more common in women.

Breast Cancer has several types:

  • Angiosarcoma
  • Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
  • Inflammatory breast cancer
  • Invasive lobular carcinoma
  • Male breast cancer
  • Paget’s disease of the breast
  • Recurrent breast cancer

There are many factors to consider that are causing cancer. Although genetics are touted as a major cause, they actually only make up approximately 5%. We focus on the 95%. We do not treat your disease. Instead, we look for functional neuro-metabolic imbalances. Through proper testing and proper identification of functional problems, we can develop a custom neuro-biomedicine plan aimed at raising your healABILITY.

If you suffer with Breast Cancer please call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Post Breast Cancer Living Help.

Call or email our friendly team: 862-222-2460,

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Help In New Jersey

Rheumatoid Arthritis Help New JerseyChronic inflammatory disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can affect more than just your joints. In some people, the condition also can damage a wide variety of body systems, including the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and blood vessels.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder and occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body’s tissues. Osteoarthritis does wear-and-tear damage to your joints, where rheumatoid arthritis affects the lining of your joints, causing a painful swelling that can eventually result in bone erosion and joint deformity. Other parts of the body can be damaged by the inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis as well.

Signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis may include:

  • Tender, warm, swollen joints
  • Joint stiffness that is usually worse in the mornings and after inactivity
  • Fatigue, fever and weight loss

Are you sick and tired of anti-inflammatory drugs, low-dose chemotherapy, or the new magic bullet, called Biologics? What is creating this sustained inflammatory response inside your body and brain? Our neuro-biomedicine program delves deeply into functional immunology. By understanding normal immune physiology, we can find areas of dysfunction through proper testing and then create a custom plan specific to your required needs. This, in-turn, will improve function and raise your healABILITY.

If you suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis please call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Rheumatoid Arthritis Help.

Call or email our friendly team: 862-222-2460,

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Chronic Pain Help In New Jersey

Chronic Pain Help New JerseyWhen your body experiences an injury or illness, pain is a warning that something is wrong. You normally stop experiencing pain when your body heals.

If your pain continues long after its cause is gone, it may be considered chronic pain. Chronic pain and hurting day-after-day, can take a toll on your physical AND emotional health.

Chronic Pain is when people have symptoms that affect their daily life, like depression and anxiety that go beyond pain alone. Chronic Pain Syndrome often starts with an injury or painful condition such as:

Arthritis and other joint problems:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle strains and sprains
  • Repetitive stress injuries, when the same movement over and over puts strain on a body part
  • Fibromyalgia, a condition that causes muscle pain throughout the body
  • Nerve damage
  • Lyme disease
  • Broken bones
  • Cancer
  • Acid reflux or ulcers
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Endometriosis, when tissue in the uterus grows outside of it
  • Surgery

Chronic Pain patients need to stop talking about their pain and start looking for their root functional causes of why they have the pain. If you have chronic back pain and your MRI shows a wearing out of the spine, knee, shoulder, hip, this degenerative process is not the cause, it is simply a manifestation of improper neuro-muscular-skeletal firing in a sustained inflammatory chemical immune dysfunction. We do not treat any disease. Our neuro-biomedicine plans are aimed at restoring functional deficits to help raise your healABILITY.

If you suffer with Chronic Pain please call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Chronic Pain Help.

Call or email our friendly team: 862-222-2460,

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Laser and Complete Fat Loss Help In New Jersey

Laser Complete Fat Loss Help New JerseyAre you suffering with unsightly fat that you have struggled to take off for most of your life? Do you feel uncomfortable and disappointed? Weight is never a primary problem, it is simply a sign that you are not healthy. A thin person may or may not be healthy, but an overweight person is absolutely not healthy. There are multiple causes that can create weight issues. We approach the problem by looking for dysfunctional neuro-metabolic patterns that are unique to you. Our customized neuro-biomedicine plans are aimed at helping to restore proper function and raise your healABILITY. When this is accomplished, weight can simply melt away. Our office has invested in a Photobiomodulation Cold Laser that has been seen on all major networks and has remarkable results. This, in addition to our discovering and treating your root functional causes, has remarkable results.

If you suffer with weight issues please call or email us now to learn more about Dr. Farley’s Neuro-Biomedicine Laser and Complete Fat Loss Help.

Call or email our friendly team: 862-222-2460,

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Testosterone and Andropause Help In New Jersey

 Testosterone Andropause Help New JerseyAre you losing your mojo, your mind and your body? Some of the symptoms and complications that can be really troublesome to men can include low sex drive, difficulty getting erections or erections that are not as strong as usual, lack of energy, depression, irritability, mood swings, loss of strength and muscle mass, increased body fat, hot flashes, bone density and reduced bone mass issues, fatigue, hair loss, reduced testicle size, reduction in your amount of semen, difficulty sleeping and lowered sex drive.

It’s not about your age! Men who don’t know how to take care of themselves may see hormone levels declining around 30 years of age. I am here to tell you that if you take care of yourself and cleanup any messes you have that this idea that you’re going to get older and your hormone levels are just going to drop, is not true.

Dr. Farley is going to be 52 years old. The lab range that he uses to test his hormone levels testosterone, ranges from 350 up to 820. His tests continually crack in the 700’s to 730’s, to sometimes 750 range. He is not taking any hormone replacement. He is approaching this from how the hormone axis works, and what can he can do to keep things working properly. Keep in mind also that when you approach this from giving the body more hormones, you’re actually turning off the normal production of the body to make those hormones. Your system never has a chance to get itself back into balance if you take these synthetic, bio identical, or even these products that actually push and boost testosterone.

Please explore the Farley Neurobiomedicine Health System approach to restoring testosterone. We’re going really deep into looking at this so that we can reestablish what’s not working well, and go as deep as we can into understanding normal physiology, and getting things to work properly inside the body.

Learn about the 7 Secret Areas creating hormonal imbalances. Our Neurobiomedicine Health System System is very insightful. We look at the seven different areas that are involved with why you may have low testosterone levels. If we need to get involved with running blood work on you, my expanded health panel and health panel run anywhere between 80 and 125 tests. We may also do saliva panels on you, it depends upon what your case requires. But the testing that we run is extremely in depth. Dr. Farley will help you find the underlying causes through his Neurobiomedicine Health System to help you promote proper testosterone levels, proper hormone conversion and hormone clearance.

If you suffer with low testosterone please call or email us now to learn more, please click the link below to see some videos Dr. Farley prepared about the Neurobiomedicine Testosterone Help.

Call or email our friendly team: 862-222-2460,

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Other Facts: “Key Industries: Agriculture including potatoes, peaches, and fishing Pharmaceuticals, finance, chemicals, telecommunications, and tourism. How New Jersey got its name: New Jersey was named after the British island of Jersey in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. The name was chosen in honor of one of its founders Sir George Carteret who was from Jersey. New Jersey State Symbols: State Nickname: Garden State; State Slogan: Come See For Yourself; State Motto: Liberty and prosperity; State flower: Violet; State Bird: Eastern Goldfinch; State Fish: Brook trout; State Tree: Red Oak; State Mammal: Horse; State Foods: Highbush Blueberry. Becoming a State: Date Admitted: December 18, 1787; Number Admitted: 3; Prior Name: Province of New Jersey, then sovereign state in Confederation; Postal Abbreviation: NJ. The Geography of New Jersey: Total Size: 7,417 sq. miles (source: 2003 Census); Geographical Low Point: Atlantic Ocean at Sea Level (source: U.S. Geological Survey); Geographical High Point: High Point at 1,803 feet, located in the county/subdivision of Sussex (source: U.S. Geological Survey); Central Point: Located in Mercer County approx. 5 miles southeast of Trenton (source: U.S. Geological Survey); Counties: 21 (source: National Association of Counties); Bodies of Water: Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay, Hudson River, Delaware River. Famous People: Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut; Judy Blume – author of young adult books; Grover Cleveland – The 22nd and 24th President of the United States; David Copperfield – Magician; Michael Douglas – Actor; Thomas Edison – Inventor who had his famous lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey; Whitney Houston – Singer; Derek Jeter – Baseball player for the New York Yankees; Jon Bon Jovi – Rock singer for the band Bon Jovi; Jack Nicholson – Actor; Shaquille O’Neal – Professional basketball player; Queen Latifah – Actress and rapper; Bill Parcells – NFL football coach; Frank Sinatra – Singer and actor; Bruce Springsteen – Rock singer and songwriter; Meryl Streep – Actress; Dave Thomas – Founder of Wendy’s fast-food restaurant. More Fun Facts: Over 100 battles have been fought on New Jersey soil.; New Jersey has the greatest population density of any state, making it the most crowded.; New Jersey is a state of inventions. The FM Radio, the light bulb, the motion picture camera, and transistors were all invented in New Jersey.; The Atlantic City Boardwalk was the world’s first boardwalk.; New Jersey is named after the Isle of Jersey, an island located off the coast of Normandy, France.; The streets on the game of Monopoly are named after streets in Atlantic City.; The first professional basketball game was played in Trenton in 1896 between the Trenton YMCA and the Brooklyn YMCA. Players were paid $15 each.; President Grover Cleveland was born in New Jersey. Other Famous Peoplefrom New Jersey include Bruce Springsteen, Judy Blume, Bon Jovi, and Frank Sinatra.; Other nicknames include the Clam State and the Diner Capital of the World.; Professional Sports Teams: New Jersey Devils – NHL (hockey); New York Giants – NFL (football); New York Jets – NFL (football); New York Red Bulls – MLS (soccer).” Citation: Nelson, Ken. “United States Geography for Kids: New Jersey .” Ducksters, Technological Solutions, Inc. (TSI), Jersey

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