Peripheral neuropathy is one of the common conditions for patients with multiple diseases. It is also quite difficult to treat and the majority of patients are left with their chronic pain caused by the peripheral neuropathy.

There are many complications that may occur if the condition is not properly treated and if it has been present for a long time such as the following:


  • Infections. Peripheral neuropathy is the reason for lack of sensation in your feet and other areas. This is why you may easily injure these areas without ever noticing, because you do not feel the pain. These injuries even if they are small are the cause of many infections that are difficult to treat, especially if you have diabetes mellitus. Sometimes this may also be the reason for the need of amputation.
  • Falls. Loss of sensation, as well as muscle weakness is associated with falling and lack of balance.
  • Skin trauma. It is easy to burn your skin or damage it when there is no sensation in the area.


The prevention of this condition is very important because once developed it is quite difficult to manage. One of the options is to manage the underlying conditions such as alcoholism, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and more.


Another option for prevention is to change your lifestyle and make it healthier. These changes may include the following:


  • Regular exercising. It is important that your doctor is also aware of it and allows it depending on your condition. It is enough to get at least half an hour of exercise at least three times each week.
  • Changes in your diet. The diet you have should be rich in vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains in order to help your nerves be healthy. For example, you can avoid vitamin B deficiency by eating regularly fish, meat, eggs, and more.
  • Avoiding factors that may cause damage to the nerves. These factors include repetitive motions, toxic chemicals, smoking, cramped positions, alcohol, and more.


The majority of patients who have peripheral neuropathy follow the exact instructions of their doctors but even then their condition is not being properly managed. It is important to find the root causes and treat them in order to help the condition, which is why you should get a consultation with us. We help patients find the real causes of their conditions and how to properly manage them. Here are several common mistakes we have noticed that doctors make with their patients when it comes to peripheral neuropathy:


  • Many doctors blame only the presence of diabetes as the cause for peripheral neuropathy, but this is not the case with almost all patients. There are other causes together with the diabetes and if you make certain you follow strictly the diet for your diabetes it is possible to increase the damage to your nerves instead of helping them be healthy.
  • It is common for doctors to make their patients believe that once they have been through chemotherapy, peripheral neuropathy is going to develop and there is nothing that can be done against it. This is not true and there are still some measures that can be taken against this condition.
  • Spinal stenosis is known to cause peripheral neuropathy and there are not many options for treating it in this case. However, the majority of patients have more than 4 different reasons for their peripheral neuropathy which can be treated in order to get better.
  • It is well-known that statins which are cholesterol drugs cause damage to the nerves and the muscles. If you have been before or you are still on statins because of your cholesterol problems then it may be quite difficult to treat the condition. If the root cause of your elevated cholesterol is found and treated, then there will be no need to take statins anymore and this will help your neuropathy.
  • Many doctors forget to properly evaluate the brain. This is very important in order to exclude any brain related causes of the peripheral neuropathy.
  • One of the most common mistakes is the lack of proper autoimmune diagnoses. It is highly possible that your immune system is attacking your own nerves and despite of how common it is, doctors often forget to even mention it.
  • Your doctor may blame the use of alcohol as the only reason for your neuropathy, but alcohol on its own is rarely the cause. It is possible that through alcohol you may have developed problems with your digestive system that lead to the peripheral neuropathy.


If you want to know the root causes of your condition and even after following all instructions you do not feel better, then it is highly recommended to contact us for a consultation.