In this blog post Dr. Farley explains the purpose of your thyroid’s communication with your brain. As it turns out, the thyroid plays a critical role for your nervous system: the thyroid produces hormones to encourage microglial cell growth, and it influences the production of matrix proteins as well. It promotes myelination, modulates synaptic activity in addition to astroglial and microglial cells, and assists the development of the blood-brain barrier. This in turn protects the brain from damage and strengthens it, boosting the brain’s neural plasticity simultaneously. In order to reap these benefits of an optimally functioning nervous system, it is critical that the thyroid is working properly. With improper thyroid function, the opposite of these effects can occur, leading to problems such as depressive disorders or even neurodegeneration. To learn more about the specifics of how your thyroid gland interacts with your brain and nervous system, watch this video today!