In this video, Dr. Farley explains how the thyroid gland affects the immune system. Essentially, the thyroid produces hormones that modulate the immune system and its immune chemicals, supporting the base metabolic rate of immune cells and promoting cellular messenger systems that regulate T and B cell activity. Additionally, the thyroid aids in cellular apoptosis, controlled cell death that prevents the growth of cancer cells. If there are problems in your body with immune deregulation or other challenges, such as chronic pain, autoimmune issues, cancer, allergies, or more, you must consider the possibility of your thyroid functioning improperly. Dr. Farley provides rigorous testing that grants you a comprehensive checkup of your thyroid, allowing him to make a plan designed uniquely for you to improve your body’s health and function. To learn more about how your thyroid’s function may impact your immune system, watch the video today or contact the office with any concerns or questions.