Adaptability Healthcare

I’m reading a book about human adaptability; it’s called, “A Quest to Optimize the Trajectory of Life”. What we are following is the typical allopathic model it says we have bad gene’s; germs make us sick, and everything health comes from outside. Dr. DD Palmer questioned it in 1895, why does one person in a room get sick and yet three other people in that same room did not get sick? What’s the difference? The amount of adaptability in people such as the elderly, diabetic, and the overweight, etc. get the worst of it. Earlier this week I spoke to a retired nurse that doesn’t want to take any pills for her symptoms, she saw first-hand the negative consequences of giving pills. They didn’t work. Let’s take it a step further there are no drugs required for health. The purpose of the drugs is the manage your symptoms let’s be clear they cannot, will not, ever restore your health because they are not part of normal health. The elderly population follows pop pills theory to manage symptoms. In a study we have 1000 people each one of those thousand people has huge differences in their stress response chemically, physically, and autosuggestion psychological responses there’s absolutely zero chance that you can control the variables in that group. What does that mean, a double-blind study is no way shape or form a scientific process, they’re not because you can’t control the variable in one human being compared to the next, this is the reason why certain drugs get passed. None of those testings on any drug is a very scientific process for determining the outcome of those drugs, and again drugs are not normal or natural to the system they will not and cannot ever restore health they may just manage your symptoms. The question goes back to adaptability why is it that within a room one person gets sick it comes down to the ability of the persons system to adapt to the environment. My entire program of what we do here is all about restoring enhancing uncovering and driving the adaptability of each person here so that they can then function in a higher level optimize their system adapt to their life. Gradually overtime from the power that made the body can heal the body to whatever level possible. It’s about being specific to each individual person and identifying why they specifically are not able to have proper adaptability.

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