This is a blog post explaining how the brain can get stuck in pathways that increase inflammation in the brain and in the body. When you get good brain-based care and you work on updating the brain; find areas that are weak and strengthen those areas, we can start to rewire the brain to a higher level. We want to get your brain what it needs for your neurons to turn on and work properly. We can help correct this abnormal plastic pathway that has been burned in, causing much of your inflammation. If you have chronic pain, you must look at the brain. When it comes to chronic pain, there are a variety of pains we can experience and we recommend looking at the neurogenic inflammatory pathways to update the brain, so your brain works at a higher level, and not to merely look at pain as only an orthopedic issue. This is how I believe you can get your chronic pain areas to calm down. As you update the brain with brain-based care, you get better neuromuscular skeletal balance and you help rewire the brain and light up pathways to turn off this negative scarring that has built up throughout the brain. See the video to learn more about how brain-based care can help your chronic pain and improve many other areas of your health.