Medical Doctors Don’t Provide True Healthcare

When you speak to a medical doctor, if you ask any questions about why the patient has this disease? There is no real concrete answer. There are two main concepts there is genetic problems and a family history. One option, they will prescribe you a drug. But can the brain and the body restore itself to normal function? Yes, the only thing that will ever cure anything is the person’s own brain and body. The power that made the body can heal the body. If we are not restoring function, we are barely managing symptoms with drugs. My original training is as a chiropractor and I do many different things to combine together what I call neuro biomedicine care. Medical doctors are excellent at crisis disease intervention, that is not healthcare. Managing a symptom is not healthcare. Understanding proper function, a person’s allostatic stress load, identifying specific stressors, working on those specific stressors to restore function is healthcare. Understanding proper anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry takes years of practice to really get good at it. Even things I thought I knew two years ago are dramatically different now by new information that I’ve learned.

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