The Secret cause of a 150% increase risk of dementia!!


For this week’s blog, I want to discuss a new article that came out from JAMA Internal Medicine on June 24, 2019. The name of the paper is “Anti-Cholinergic Drug Exposure and Risk of Dementia”. In this study doctors looked at a certain class of drugs called anti-cholinergic and what’s the risk of dementia. I have to say that if we did more research like this, we would see that many classes of drugs are creating future diseases because, keep in mind, there are no drugs required for health. Drugs are not part of normal anatomy, physiology and biochemistry and we should only be using them in cases of crisis or to save our life. To get on drugs on a long-term basis and not look for the reasons why our brains and bodies are not adapting and think that we have somehow created health is absolutely not true and this is a great example….so in this research there were 225,000 controls (which is a lot of people by the way) in which they analyzed the data to see if you were on these certain drugs, do they create an increased risk of dementia? What we found was “yes”. So, the category of drugs are anti-cholinergic, anti-depressants, anti-Parkinson’s drugs, anti-psychotics and anti-epileptic drugs. What we found is there is over a 100% increase in dementia for the people that were tracked in this study and specifically there was significant increases in dementia for patients taking anti-cholinergic and anti-depressant drugs. So, you get one of these drugs for depression which, in my opinion, is a sign of early neurodegeneration and your risk goes from 124% to 134% increase risk for dementia. For the anti-Parkinson’s drugs, your risk for dementia increases from 116% to 200%. And for the anti-epileptic drugs there is a 122% to 157% increased exposure risk for dementia. What they also found is that the longer you use these drugs, the higher the risk. So, If you use the drugs for 3 to 13 years, your risk was 141% to 152% higher. If you use them from 5 to 20 years your risk is 132% to 157% higher. This one study, which I’ll post below if you want to print it out, is really staggering to see that we buy into the merry-go-round of a drug for this and a drug for that and do not consider what the long-term consequences are. We really need to peel back and understand that health is anything that is a deviation from 100% adaptability. We need to look at the specific stressors (physical, chemical and auto suggestion) and identify those and then do what we can to improve adaptability. Drugs do not improve adaptability. As you can see, they lower adaptability and they increase your risk of diseases over time. In this case, we see a major increase in the risk for dementia in that class of drugs. As always, if you have any questions please let me know.

God bless you, God bless your family and God Bless America. Thanks.