We were told that we are going to be in lockdown because of this coronavirus. What came to mind to me is asking the question, “What is the current state of most people with their health?” The example I like to bring to my kids is, “You never know when you will need to run, so it is better to stay fit.” This is a crisis right now. Two things pop into my mind, financial health and physical health. Many people have not cared for their health and actually perform behaviors that are adverse to their health. If people have such issues, many never determine the root functional causes of their issues. I see people walking in and out of pharmacies treating their symptoms. They have bad habits, mentally, physically and emotionally. What you put in your mouth, shows up in your health. If all you have done is manage symptoms by popping drugs, knowing your habits don’t make you healthy.

We have to teach people how and why their bodies are breaking down. We have to teach people to gracefully age. We have to teach people how the body works. Healthy people will either not get the virus or have minimal symptoms. The people who will suffer are those who took the bad meat being sold. Those that believe that disease is genetic and to pop pills to manage symptoms will be affected by this virus.

Check out my antiviral video to learn more. What you put in your mouth is much more important than washing your hands.

Antiviral Health: https://drjamesfarley.com/articles/antiviral-health/