This video addresses the myth of healthy people dying of the coronavirus. You hear it all the time, “So and so was so healthy, but they died of whatever the issue may be.” Health is not how you feel. The belief that how you feel means your level of health is just not accurate. We should be measuring function and other insights besides how do you feel. The normal blood panels I see people get are pathetic. They only address surface level issues. The myth that healthy people will get this virus and die from it, is simply not true.

If you sit with someone who measures function, that understands we are trying to improve physiology, they could tell you what you need to improve to actually be healthy. You should not have chronic symptoms that stay and stay and stay. If you have a symptom that is not gone in a month, you are not addressing the root functional cause and you are not healthy.

Please watch this video to learn more.

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