This video demonstrates the focus and goals of chiropractic practices, in addition to furthering understanding towards FDA approvals, double blind studies, and other science related subjects. At their base, chiropractors are applied physiologists; they aim to maintain a good tone within a patient’s nervous system, as it is the master system for all other cells and subsystems within their body. If the nervous system is not working correctly, it will result in the immune system working suboptimally; this puts people with a low immune tolerance at risk from diseases such as the coronavirus. Additionally, this video explains the conceptual issues with running double blind studies, alongside the FDA’s irrelevance to the distribution of vitamins and minerals as a physiologist or chiropractor. The video emphasizes that one’s function is equal to one’s health, and that above all else it is important to find a health professional that recognizes the importance of improving functionality and reaching normal physiology. To learn more about chiropractors and physiology, watch the video now.