In this week’s blog, Dr. Farley discusses weight loss. Dr. Farley’s main emphasis is that weight loss will not make you healthy, you get healthy and you lose weight, health is the goal not the weight. Dr. Farley explains how following healthy routines and diets will help keep you at a comfortable weight because you are actively making your body healthier. On the other hand, being overweight (even if only by twenty pounds!) is hazardous to your health, and largely stems from personal unhealthy lifestyle choices. The key to weight management is to identify what’s caused your weight gain, not to look for some mythical dieting tool. Although obesity stems from many factors that can be unique from person to person, Dr. Farley can help you find the root functional causes of your weight gain, and can recommend strategies for weight management including cutting down on alcohol consumption and more. To learn more about losing weight and managing it, watch this video now and contact the office today with any questions.

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