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As a functional thyroid approach we look at the brain, cellular energetics, lifestyle, foods, and nutrients. We are not endocrinologists, we do not use medications. We personalize plans based on your unique case needs.

If you want your life back on track with less depression, weight loss, unstoppable energy and clear thinking then you need a new science-based approach. You need a customized thyroid treatment approach that focuses on your root functional causes. The 50 year old model of monitoring TSH and medication manipulation is a failure for 90% of patients I've consulted with. You need a customized root functional cause program designed for you and your problems...not one plan (magic bullet medication) can possibly fit everyone and this is why you continue to struggle and struggle and there is no light at the end of that tunnel!!!!


Chronic Conditions in New Jersey

Why is there so much chronic disease?

What if everything you’ve been taught

and believed about getting healthy was wrong?

Dr. Naveed Ashfaq MD, MB BS, FRCS

Medical Director and Owner Sterling Clinical Laboratories

Every patient, doctor and family member should be exploring this question. Sadly, few do! Instead, most stay stubbornly focused on the question of: Am I feeling better from my current treatment; they don’t look to find actual functional root causes.

That’s what Dr. Farley
Has done in Creating healABILITY
and his approach
to chronic problems.

Most patients simply treat each symptom as if it was a separate problem and never look for the interconnection and influence of one system problem on another system problem. They view each area as a separate island. Dr. Farley has worked long and hard at his knowledge and precision to which he applies to each and every patient. A new patient’s evaluation and testing is much more complete than most doctors.

His ability to explain
A complex problem
In an easy understandable concept,
Which is healABILITY,
Is fantastic for patients in helping them
Understand and get well.

In New Jersey Dr. Farley is among the top offices utilizing Sterling Laboratory (my lab) for documenting and tracking patients starting point, improvements and progress. The panels Dr. Farley orders have all been chosen by him to create a full insider look at many complex symptoms, conditions and systems. He regularly does follow up testing that demonstrates significant changes for most patients. Dr. Farley also has many patients return from the general practitioners, endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists and infectious disease doctors that are totally blown away by the changes he routinely produces with his methods of care.
My laboratory has never had anything but an extremely professional and proficient relationship with Dr. Farley and his staff. I believe that in the future more patients will seek care that is based on root functional causes rather than just managing symptoms.

Anyone who uses Dr. Farley
Today is getting insight,
Care and a dependable trusting doctor
That should be the standard
In doctoring across the
United States and abroad.

I hope that patients can open their minds to understanding these concepts and not dismiss them because their doctor doesn’t know about them. This healABILITY approach is an old and new evidence scientific based approach that frankly most doctors have absolutely no training in. Dr. Farley’s office is run like a fine hotel that provides excellent customer service. So not only will you get exceptional care, but you’ll also be treated with a kind, warm and dependable staff. This book can aid anyone in getting insight into Dr. Farley’s method of functional physiological based approach that has the potential to really help almost any condition. There are 13 key hidden root functional causes. Dr. Farley will help find which one of these 13 root functional causes are most important to correct for you to get well. Each person is unique in their physiology and biochemistry. Dr. Farley is the leading expert in finding which 13 root functional causes are primary for you.

Dr. Naveed Ashfaq MD

*Fellow in the Royal College of Surgeons FRCS

*Diploma in Hospital Management

*President of Sterling Clinical Laboratory Inc.

Common Chronic Conditions We Help:

There are so many chronic conditions that we have helped patients with. Feel free to contact our team today if you have questions.
  • 1Thyroid

    We have helped many patients with Thyroid Conditions.

  • 2Dementia/Alzheimer's

    We have great success with Dementia or Alzheimer's conditions.

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