15 February 2018

Alzheimer’s disease: It Might Rob You of Your Memory, but not Your Identity

15 February 2018,

Alzheimer’s, one of the widely known neurodegenerative diseases, has gotten quite the reputation of being a savage destroyer of one’s memories and selfhood. In […]

6 February 2018

3 Amazing Facts to Help You Stay Positive after finding out you’re A Diabetic

6 February 2018,

For some, a recently positive diabetes diagnosis feels like their whole world just came crashing down. All of a sudden, you’re now carrying this […]

4 January 2018

Receiving an Asperger’s Diagnosis

4 January 2018,

As a parent, hearing your child has Asperger’s can be a very scary ordeal. While you may be relieved to finally have a diagnosis, […]

3 January 2018

Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease

3 January 2018,

Hashimoto’s thyroid disease is an unfortunate condition where your immune system attacks the thyroid gland. Your thyroid is the butterfly-shaped gland found near the […]

18 December 2017

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

18 December 2017,

If you are unfamiliar with the disease, you may be wondering what exactly is Parkinson’s? Parkinson’s disease, sometimes referred to simply as PD, is […]