Thyroid Testimonial for Dr. James Farley

Thyroid Testimonial for Dr. James Farley

Ok. Hello Luz.

Hi there

Thank you for taking the time to give the testimonial, Pleasure.

So let me ask you what brought you to how did you find MSC Centre for Health in Dr Farley’s Office to begin with How did you just found us

What brought me here was desperation, Desperation I have already gone to regular doctors and alternative medicine doctors and feeling like there was something always wrong with me but nobody could really help me. And so I got tired of the diagnosis and I just decided to look for the best possible doctor who had the most knowledge about hypothyroidism actually most thyroid desease. And so Dr. Farley’s name came up and I spent a significant amount of time on web looking at testimonials and looking at his style and he just seemed really interesting so to me it was worth making a two hour trip from right outside of Philadelphia to to come here and experience is of amazing treatment.

Great, How long you been under treatment now?

I think I wanna to say since the end of December.

Ok, And what are some of the what are some of the successes successes what are the some of the things you noticed improving in that you having trouble

Well I came here after a very traumatic loss in my life. And so I think that triggered a lot of things in my system as you know emotions stress all that triggers things so I was really foggy like I couldn’t focus a lot. I was exhausted all the time and I was just like lethargic and I felt heavy and when I ate I didn’t feel right. I feel like this fullness in my stomach at all times and just exhaustion and not being like completely present.

And you noticed improvement in those areas since you got here

I have noticed significant improvements, I’m so happy with this treatment. I’m alive I’m awake. I feel like I want to get up in the morning. Now my energy levels are fantastic. My thought process is really functionally functioning better. And I think you know the that sort of that fogginess is just really gone a lot of it’s gone.

That’s wonderful. What now can you share some of the experiences you had in other doctor’s offices and what were the type of doctor that you saw.

Well I’ve seen some of the top doctors. I live in Philadelphia in Philadelphia area. And so we are blessed to have some of the top doctors and some of the top hospitals in the area. And I see some of the best anthro doctors and doctor’s

Anthropologist, sorry, sure

And some of the best general practitioners and and after not having any success with them I discovered I had Hashimoto’s thyroid disease after I gave birth to my first daughter 15 years ago. I have then changed and alter medicine and went to alternative medicine doctors the top in New York recommended Suzanne Somers you know book about her cancer survival route. And then ended up with a phenomenal doctor in South Jersey. I want to disparage him but nobody gets to the crux of the issue with such thoroughness and such brilliance. Then there’s Dr. Farley. I mean it’s just it’s amazing. He really truly is. You will see his brilliance in just speaking to him. But it’s the sense that he wants to educate you with all the videos that you watch while you hear about the different pieces and components of his diagnosis and his protocols and all that. But he’s just really brilliant. And I’ve always known what it’s really about the whole body. This is not we gonna to just fix the thyroid conditions so we’re going to slap some pharmaceuticals at you and call me in three months and let me how are you doing. This truly is everything. It’s the neurological the mind the physical what’s happening inside you with your different organs and your glands with your with your enzymes with everything and I just feel so fortunate to really be blessed to have found Dr. Farley and to come here and have gone through what I think is a phenomenal amount of testing in a very thoughtful way. You know from having your brain tested to the amount of blood that drawn for food allergies and your hormones and this and that I just find it so thorough and so amazing and I feel like you can’t get you can’t get to the answer without it without going to every little piece

That’s right that’s what we are talking about is proper testing proper diagnosis to the trouble treatment specific to the individual to figure out to get that important information.


That’s great. OK so thank you so much now. Last question how is the staff treated you here and what’s your experience as you has been in the office as a whole.

So from the minute you walk into this office you are greeted with an amazing smile by the compassionate people. Everyone that you connect with in this office is very personal with you. They are very caring. They’re very attentive they’re incredibly as brilliant. I think as the doctor himself is leading the team but all of you are really amazing everyone has. You can sense and you can see the level of expertise that goes into their practices. Whatever area of of your treatment that they’re working on you with and it’s professional. And I think that’s the most important thing is that the people who work here walk the talk. So I’m seeing healthy practitioners with the same mindset as the doctor helping other people to get to that same space.

That’s wonderful. Well thank you so much Luz. Really appreciate your thoughtful testimonial that’s wonderful. And we’re champions of your progress. We’re so happy to see that will help you and you help yourself make better choices and more intelligent choices right Yes

Yeah I think it’s that it’s the staff it’s that it’s the brilliance behind everything that’s happening and it’s the it’s the protocols and it’s really the truly sticking to the food the proper food and diet. And I just love the whole education component because it’s not a time that you’re walking here and you don’t work or walk out of the office. Having learned something new about the human body about how certain things work whether it’s depression or eating right or even brain functions or your organs function. It’s just an amazing experience the whole way around.

Great. Well thank you again.

You’re welcome

That’s wonderful keep your success

Thank you

Thank you so much.

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