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Sleep and the Brain

With this blog post know about the importance of sleep and how lack of sleep may result in neural degeneration and various related to brain.

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Glymphatic Brain Cleaning System

Learn about different systems of the brain and how master nervous works like a internet to control everything. How physical component affect other than nutrition, functional medicine, nutrients to health.

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Beyond the neuron, information on neuron psychotic symptoms

With this video know about how all neuron psychotic symptoms are linked to the neuron transmitter problem. However, the real reason for these symptoms might be different and information about sustained inflammation. How immune system of gut and food you eat is correlated. A must watch for the patients suffering with neurological illness. Also read: [...]

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Mental Health and Diseases like depression, anxiety and bipolar

This video provides key information about DSM manuals on the mental health and diseases like depression, anxiety and bipolar. How chemical imbalance in brain results in these diseases and how the medical field evolved for the treatment of anxiety, depression and bipolar diseases. How we are not here to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar, we see [...]

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