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30 09, 2019

The Devastation of not sleeping

2019-09-30T15:14:29-04:00 September 30th, 2019|Articles, Neuro Biomedicine, Videos|

Insomnia is not a real diagnosis it’s a result of the brain not functioning properly and must not be blown off as no big deal, this is not normal and it means your physiology is off. Not sleeping can also be early signs of neurodegeneration; the brain needs to be evaluated when you are having [...]

30 09, 2019

The Key Processes of Neurodegeneration

2019-09-30T15:10:57-04:00 September 30th, 2019|Articles, Neuro Biomedicine, Videos|

Neuro Psychiatric / psychological problems are signs of improper brain functions and may be very early signs of future neurodegeneration. Through guided individualized testing progression can be delayed or even put into remission and will also guide us in which areas to concentrate on. The three main pathways to neurodegeneration are the gut, the oral/nasal [...]

20 09, 2019

Mitochondrial dysfunction in Cancer and Neurodegeneration/Neuropsych

2019-09-20T07:48:36-04:00 September 20th, 2019|Articles, Videos|

Cellular energetics is the ability for the cell to make energy. Inside your cells is the most highly metabolic organelle called the mitochondria, where the cells make energy. The mitochondria is involved with many different things but specifically with cancer and neurodegeneration diseases, both have an underlying mechanism which is similar, as the cells start [...]

20 09, 2019

Extreme Ownership Part 1

2019-09-20T07:44:56-04:00 September 20th, 2019|Articles, Videos|

Our philosophy is very simple, you need to be honest with yourself, take extreme ownership of your health and your life and set goals in your life and lastly be self-disciplined. Be honest about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong, realise that you cannot go back to unhealthy eating habits as food [...]

20 09, 2019

Symptoms are Totally inaccurate 

2019-09-20T07:41:55-04:00 September 20th, 2019|Articles, Videos|

Cure means to restore function and no drugs restore function, they only manage symptoms. The only thing that is ever going to cure anything is the body. All the testing and lab work that we do is to identify functional abnormalities, what’s not functioning, what gears are off, and from there we establish the best [...]