Okay Hi Elizabeth so I appreciate that you’re going to spend a few minutes to give us your experience in the office here and your testimonial so first thing

I like to ask people is you know when you came here were you at all skeptical

Slightly open-minded because everything else doesn’t have worked

How many doctors have you been to at that point in time

Five for migraine three gynecologist for apparatus vibrates and then two primaries I went to few

A lot yeah how did you find our office

Word mouth I was referred by one of your patients who had great reviews okay you worked with her, her husband her son

So yeah I remember them very nice people

How old will you be receiving treatment?



How long did you take to until you started to see some improvements and some results it’s like 1st week of the half 2 week

Yeah most of our patients here 90% of them if you do what I tell you to do in the first 1 to 3 weeks you say something’s changing so you know as we talk about the the gears as the gears start to move it doesn’t take a long time when you restore how things work for you to start to experience something’s going on positive in my my body in my brain so what are the top 3 to 5 things that have changed for the better

I sleep better which is great as I never used to sleep

How much better your sleep on a scale of 1 to 10 10 is 100 percent?

99, 90 percent great

Last week even though it’s not a diet

No it’s not a diet the way that it works is if you’re restoring how things work the normal byproduct of that is we lose weight so how much weight have you lost

40 pounds

40 pounds pretty good pretty good what’s other thing

Just I am more alert tend to be weak not as moody so alert tend to be awake so I am just curious

When you more alert tend to be awake not as moody

How is that impacting you in your life what else is how is that showing up

I’m not as short at work I tend to focus more I tend to get things done back in an orderly fashion I can get used to putting it off my sense are coming in better all the time

You are showing me the picture so no joke but you don’t realize you know your kids grow quick and you know if you’re a better mom because you’re more balanced you have more energy and more patience you know it’s good so you’re better mom



How was your outlook about your current health and your future health with based on the information that we’ve done here with the treatment and what we’re teaching

I am positive I wanna keep going you know I noticed any time I did sip I look get back lets go and I felt better you know seeing results makes you feel better

Yeah for sure yeah I mean you got to get some results just curious how valuable have you found the educational videos that we show you in building your knowledge because one of the most important things we can do for you is to through the concept of lifestyle we teach you and I put a lot of time into these so that you’re watching them and then over time when you came in your thought process where you came in and your understanding of where you are now tell me what happened when you think about that whole process

I like the videos is that first I said I felt like this back in college but they do help I’ve watched some of them three times and the ones especially when I need a little pick-me-up about food I think I watched the food one five six times because it just gets me back in the mindset also a lot of the stuff you didn’t know or you were given false information as to how your body works or never given that information so it does helpful and even booklet you gave me sometimes I open it up and flip to the section I need and I read up again how my system is working

Yeah we have at this point you know over a hundred education videos that I made and I keep making them because they’re really important to throw you information to have you learn it helps you and it helps your family helps you your mother your father you just we just got to learn more about how things actually work and the last question would you recommend our office to other people desperately seeking help and why

Well definitely I am actually trying to get my parents my mom just went through cancer treatment so she’s got about to start radiation about a week so I told my dad and like she needs to get in here like don’t think of the cost just get in here any little bit will help her she has so many things wrong and even my dad who jogs 5 miles a day and he’s 75 but I see him getting worn down

What kind of Cancer your mom have?

She has bone cancer you know her jaws just removed through jaw

And cancer is again multi-factorial reasons there my wife went through cancer I’ve taken care of a lot of cancer patients the key there again is you have to figure out what’s not working well inside the cancer patient most of it is not genetic less than 5% and then the other idea is that if we’re gonna do some surgery and chemo you leave the cancer patient really kind of loss because they don’t really understand what else they can do and what else might have caused their specific problem so if they come in we’ll do our best to see if we can help them and they qualify

So thanks I appreciate your time

Your welcome

And enjoy the nice day

Thank you

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