This week’s video discusses cortical remapping, as well as positive and negative neuroplasticity within your brain. In essence, your brain becomes whatever it receives on a regular basis. For things like learning a sport, or becoming proficient in new languages, this is considered positive plasticity, as your brain develops and learns new things. There’s nothing unchangeable within your brain after all; with enough hard work, your brain has a much better chance of improving and updating. However, negative plasticity also exists. Most chronic pain is a sign of this, as here the brain has wired itself in a way where misinformation enters it. It continues to be wired in this way as more and more bad information is received, wiring the brain into a worse form with repeated misinformation. You can see this in PTSD patients, who have autonomic nervous systems blown out by a high stress load from one or more traumatic events. In the case of an inverse relationship, the nervous system’s tone shifts so southward that function declines in the brain and body.

However, Dr. Farley looks to help patients with these problems. He can measure your brain’s allostatic stress load and tone, look for chronic loops, teach you about stressors, and provide physical treatments often involving food, nutrients, and more. After all, it’s critical to find goals for your body and mind so that they can work to improve. To learn more about how to create positive neuroplasticity in your brain and how Dr. Farley can aid you in protecting your health, watch this video today and call the office with any questions.

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