Have you had bloodwork done recently? Do you have bad skin? In this video Dr. Farley discusses Leaky Gut, Mucosal Immune Reactivity, and Dysbiosis, problems that should normally heal within 3 years but often persist for much longer. Leaky gut stems from barrier breakdown inside your body, and is often accompanied by problems in the skin, the lung, and the brain. Food itself can become your enemy, as it sources chronic sustained inflammatory responses. These responses are the result of imbalances in your body, which cause your immune system to malfunction. In order to prevent these issues, it’s important to stay ahead of the wave by getting blood work done. Dr. Farley runs a detailed blood work panel that will thoroughly examine your body, ensuring he can determine the best way to protect your health. To learn more about Leaky Gut and blood work testing, call the office today with questions!

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