This week’s video discusses Homeostasis, Allostasis, and Allostatic Load, explaining the relationships between them. Homeostasis describes your body’s negative feedback system; everyone’s body works towards naturally pulling their health to a set point. Allostasis and Allostatic Load are both newer terms, and they relate to how much stress your body is carrying. All of these terms’ physical effects are regulated by your nervous system and brain, which work to manage stressors. These stressors can come in three forms, as physical, chemical, or mental / emotional stress. If your systems are repeatedly exposed to them, these stressors can become hardwired into your body, raising your allostatic load in a way akin to an overloaded backpack. If your body is too stressed, it can no longer carry this “load”, and problems such as diseases can manifest. Dr. Farley’s goal is to identify your allostatic load via tests and bloodwork; by analyzing the results of these processes, he can create a custom plan for you to lower your stress and protect your health. To learn more about how Dr. Farley can reduce the influence of stress on your body, watch this video now.