In this video, Dr. Farley discusses the difference between statistical and clinical effectiveness in terms of how drugs are analyzed in modern medicine trials. He specifically talks about bisphosphonate drugs, medication made to prevent reductions in bone density. The statistical effectiveness of these drugs demonstrates relatively high numbers, in one example showing a 60% decrease in normal bone fractures. The clinical effectiveness is much lower- it compares the rate of bone fractures in two groups, one of which is taking a placebo instead of the drug. Here, the total percentage of patients with bone fractures did decrease with the group taking the authentic drug. However, as a result of taking the entire population of these groups into account, this difference only appears as a 4% difference. Although drugs like these are made to manage symptoms and are successful to a degree, they do not necessarily fix the root functional cause of the issue which created the bone density loss in the first place. Dr. Farley advises avoiding an over-reliance on drugs, preferring to improve one’s health by managing the brain, gut, diet, digestion and nutrition. To learn more about the effectiveness of bisphosphonate drugs, watch this video now!